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    Attack until you puke?

    BACKGROUND ------------------- At a recent sprint training session, a couple of us were working on bridging and attacking. After making several hard attacks I started getting sick to my stomach (nausea). This only seems to happen to me when I make a hard sprint-like effort followed by a...
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    Micro Interval Frequency and Duration

    I'm really enjoying these micro-intervals (MI) and would like to learn more about how to prescribe them. I race crits and have a sprinters power profile. You can imagine why these have piqued my interest. * How often can micro-intervals typically be performed during a week? * How many weeks of...
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    Determining ones AWC using WKO+

    I seached the forums and didn't find an answer. Should I look at 1 minute power? 2 Minute?
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    W/KG or Absolute for 5 Sec Power

    Which should a sprinter (crits, flat road races, endurance track) pay most attention to [1] absolute watts OR [2] watts per kilo? I'm thinking that [1] watts per kilo is less important than absolute wattage because, it seems to me that, how much air a person pushes is the real trouble when on...
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    How to: Standing starts?

    I've heard that track racers practice standing starts and I was wondering: * How does one practice these? * Can you do them on a road bike? * How many "starts" does one do? * How many times a week? * Are they good for anything other than training a standing start? Asked another way...
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    The relationship of 5 min power to FT

    I'm under the impression that there is a relationship between 5 min power and FT such that one can make predictions about ones possbile FT ceiling? Is this true and can someone help me understand this? My FT is, well, underwhelming and I'm trying to determine whether or not I should expect to...
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    Crack Analysis

    I recently had a very difficult race and cracked quite stunningly on the penultimate lap of a Cicuit race. I'm trying to ascertain whether the primarily cause was physical or phsychological and if physical, what I can do to be better prepared. I've attached a CyclingPeaks document in case you...
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    TSS/IF & Weekday training/Weekend Racing

    How does one train during the week while racing on the weekends? I live in an area where I can race from January through September and I'd like to know how best to plan weekly workouts based on TSS/IF. Currently, a typical week for me looks like this: TSS: 700-1000 IF: .7-.8...
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    Peak Power Output (PPO) Determination

    I'm a CyclingPeaks user and would like to know if there is a way to determin PPO without having to perform a test.
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    Nor Cal, Paskenta Century Ride/Race Sunday

    Anyone else here do that event? Do you know who "won"? What about the crash? I was in chase group 5 seconds behind the leads (~ mile 60) when the crash happend.
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    How has does power develop over time?

    I'm attempting to asses gains in power that I've made over the last year and I'm finding more questions than answers. So, I thought I would ask the question "out loud", so to speak. * What kind of gains in power can one expect to see over a 3-5 year period starting from a couch-potato...
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    Adapting Training to Terrain

    I’ve lately found it a little challenging to complete a training session exactly as specified due to the terrain. For example, 3 * 15 intervals on the flats. Given my location that can be hard to do; not impossible, but certainly boring. So, here are some questions for you: 1] When doing...