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  1. zakeen

    Why not to drink/eat Dairy Products

    Hi there, I was asked in a different forum why not to consume dairy products so I though I better answer it in a new theard in the related topic: First of all we humans are not designed to drink milk as a adult. If we are we should be drinking milk from our mother(human). There is no...
  2. zakeen

    6hr ride or two 3hr rides??

    So whats better one(1) 6hour ride or two(2) 3hour rides?? and why??
  3. zakeen

    Hours or Kms??

    What do you go by? Hours ??? OR Km's ??? I train in hours.
  4. zakeen

    The heart and legs are different!

    I have been reading this forums and finding that people here are more interested in training there heart and not the legs! I have said that doing a hill repeat up 1.6km hill would be good. and people have reacted that it would do very little! But it provides strength in the area of the legs...
  5. zakeen

    Altitude Training

    I would like to know more about altitude training. I am aware that going up high increases your red blood cells etc..... but what I what to know is, is it better to recovery after a race at sea level or altitdue?? I always thought that sleeping with less O2 would decrease the chance of...
  6. zakeen

    I found this really interesting!!!

    Hi there, I am sure I am like most of you with "what do you do when you are sick? Train or Not Train?" check out this link I found:
  7. zakeen

    Very Impressed but who are you??

    I am new in these forum, however reading some of the info, questions and answers I have noticed that you all are quite clever and have great ideas. I have notice a lot of you are coaches also. I see alot of club races that knows heaps of all the tech. stuff(VO2MAX,LT.etc...? But my question is...