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  1. charly h

    Anyone in UK?

    Yeah, I'm in London. And I'm female!:D
  2. charly h

    which spd pedals, recommendations please!

    Hello I have had the very annoying experience of buying some 2nd hand clipless pedals which have turned out to be total ****!!! :mad: First off I couldn't clip in to them, then when I tried loosening the cleats so that I could one of the screws fell off and won't go back in! They are VP pedals...
  3. charly h

    Cycling Fashion

    There's a cool company in the UK that makes more interesting cycling stuff, ... check out that reflective bones jacket! (A lot of the brands on the shirts are UK specific ...) I am going to get one ... dunno what your climate is like but here in London there is a lot of darkness at the...
  4. charly h

    fixie conversion lockring question!

    Hello I have a 1970s era Dawes 5sp bike that is on its way to becoming my first fixie conversion. Exciting!!! :D I have a threaded rear hub and would like to remove the 5sp cassette and just get a sprocket to go on to that for minimum hassle and also cheapness! However I don't want to ride it...
  5. charly h

    slightly baffled by clipless pedals!

    Thanks for your advice, it's useful to know - I am thinking I'll probably go with spd for now and some shoes with grip, as like you say, they do seem cheaper on ebay and stuff ... maybe I'll see how I go and upgrade when I'm used to it - the thing I like about Look style ones is that they look...
  6. charly h

    slightly baffled by clipless pedals!

    Hello everyone I want to buy a pair of clipless pedals, but I'm not really sure what to go for, and I'm getting confused! Can I use any sort of shoes with any pedals, is the cleat the bit that needs to be compatible? Or do I have to be locked into one particluar system? For example, is it...
  7. charly h

    Hip injury whilst cycling

    Hello Sorry to hear about your shitty luck ... I am just emerging from a bit of an injury nightmare, and waiting for an MRI was part of the problem, so thought you might like to know my tips for speeding it up. Dunno where you live, but the chances are that you may be able to be referred to...
  8. charly h

    help needed removing brake levers

    Thanks for the tips Don, and impressive display of restraint! ;) The dual levers do give soggy braking, the braking is much better just from the levers themselves ... and the cables are definitely pretty ancient ... think it's time to invest in a bit cabling and an afternoon's bike wreckin...
  9. charly h

    help needed removing brake levers

    Yeah, doh! I realised that after I put the post up. The levers are weinmann ones with the additional dual lever, and my bars are drops. Thanks for your advice though, I'll have a butcher's in a bit, and hopefully all will proceed smoothly :D .... do you think that new cables would improve...
  10. charly h

    help needed removing brake levers

    Hello!! I want to get my handlebars off to trim them down and then move my brake levers up a bit, but how do I get the levers off so I can remove the bars? I can't see any screw anywhere. Also, once I have got the bars off, is the clamp thing that keeps the brakes fixed securely on the bars...
  11. charly h


    Hello To me this sounds like a classic blood pressure problem. To rule this out you could try this... when you get the dizzy feelings, stop, get off your bike and sit down, or better still, lie down and raise your legs, resting them on something - the idea is that your legs need to be as level...
  12. charly h

    Where Are Your Helmets???

    Oh yeah, and what about the people that cycle along with their helmets dangling from their handlebars??? Duh! Much good they'll do there! Also, although a helmet isn't going to help if you get flattened by a lorry, a head injury is about as bad as it gets in terms of severity, and many people...
  13. charly h

    Shifting question

    Hello Not sure whether you have this sort of stuff in the US but here in London you can access free (or very cheap) maintenance classes from local authorities who are keen to promote cycling in cities. Dunno if you have that sort of thing? Failing that there must be courses local to you ... and...
  14. charly h

    Ok girls - just how many of us are there here?

    What a nightmare! I suppose you maybe jarred it when you fell ... that's good to hear that generally it doesn't bother you as much as previously though. I'll just keep up the cycling and exercises that the osteopath gave me (weird stuff like superman flying through air poses - but seem to help...
  15. charly h

    Ok girls - just how many of us are there here?

    Hello Another female here! I love my bike too. It's a crappy old racer, probably about my age (31), but still v fast, and I've got lots of plans for it ... a slow rebuild and doing up. New wheels on Tues! I live in London and cycling is the best way to get around - I also love the fact that I...
  16. charly h

    changing wheel sizes - can i?

    Thanks for the info ... I guess I need to make a decision between blowing cash on an old crock to bring it up to standard, or just waiting for cash flow to improve ... but to be honest I think the tinkering around with the bike will be half the pleasure anyway, as long as I keep a tight grip on...
  17. charly h

    changing wheel sizes - can i?

    Thanks George! I have a cunning plan to rebuild and refurb however! It's still a nice bike. ... and I'm 31 by the way lol! Just a small female! Thanks for your thoughts! Charly
  18. charly h

    changing wheel sizes - can i?

    I am quite new to bike mechanics, but finding them very fun already! I have a knackered 25 yr old racer and I'd like to change the wheels at some point as they are a size that is a bit obsolete now (and a bit rusty) and it's hard to find a selection of tyres for them. I think they are 27 x1 1/4...
  19. charly h

    info wanted on old Dawes chevron racer!

    Thanks, I'll give them a go!
  20. charly h

    info wanted on old Dawes chevron racer!

    Hello Just wondering if any bike buff can help me ... I've bought an old Dawes Chevron racer which looks a bit knackered but is still a really nice comfy ride. It has 5 speed Huret gears, Weinmann brakes, and is nice and light - lighter than a quite a few current cheap racers! I think it may...