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    Cannot Choose

    I would say get the mountain bike too. Not only does it have more uses, these cycles have always appealed to me aesthetically. I own the matte green mongoose status, and I love it. It's just sized but since I'm shirt, no one notices. Also these bikes are well built. I hit it with my car before...
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    Riding With Prescription Glasses / Sunglasses?

    I wear contacts and goggles. This way I can ride as fast as I want and not worry about dust getting into my lenses or my peripheral vision. Prescription sunglasses are a good choice as well.
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    Does Sweating Decrease The More You Cycle?

    I wanted to know this too. I heard that the more you exercise, the better your blood circulation becomes, making you sweat less? I guess it isn't true.
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    Bangalore is in India.
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    Outright Mockery

    Some men are really insecure and can't handle seeing people more fit than they are. I bet he's more out of shape than you.
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    Bikini wax?

    Never, and I repeat never, do a bikini wax by yourself if you're inexperienced. I did it that once and it hurt like hell. I could not sit properly for a few days let alone cycle. If you just go to a nice parlor, they'll do it for you nicely. It'll hurt but not as much as it hurts when you do it...
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    Will Cycling Help Me With My Hyperhidrosis?

    My palms don't sweat. The rest of my body does. I heard that exercising more would help improve your circulation, making you sweat less. I don't know if that's true though. Cycling is more convenient for me than other sports, so I was curious.
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    Will Cycling Help Me With My Hyperhidrosis?

    I have a condition where I sweat way too much. My pits will be damp even in an AC room (gross, I know). I'm relatively new to cycling and I was wondering if anyone's noticed a change in how much they sweat after they started?
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    I'm somehow in med school in Banglore. Working on my way to a stable career with nice income. When I'm not doing that I ride my bike to lose weight, as sitting all day and studying for four years really makes your butt big.
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    50 and above is the best type to use. I use Neutrogena. Even if your skin doesn't burn easy, it's always better to wear sunscreen so you don't have to risk future health complications.