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  1. Pablo Juan

    Round the bay - without rego

    Is it OK to jump in on the RTB - say just to go down to Sorento then head back up to Melb, without paying rego. Obviously no intention on using facilities/ferry. Do Melb roadies just jump in? Whats the rules?
  2. Pablo Juan

    Climbs - how is the CAT calculated?

    Does anybody know how a climb is categorised? Can you estimate what your training route climbs might be?
  3. Pablo Juan

    solo 40k training TT under 1 hour?

    I have a running background. If someone asked me what a 'good ordinary' A grade distance runner would likley run 5K/10K in I would say sub 30'/sub 14'40" respectively. What is a guide to a good B grade and A grade time for, lets say 20K, 30K, 40k solo in training, flat no wind. ?under 1 hour...
  4. Pablo Juan

    Decending confidence

    What are the opinions out there regarding building more decending confidence? I am a relatively new roadie and can't seem to shake the images in my mind of crashing out that try to surface whilst downhilling at 60 +/-. I'm still on the supplied tyres that came with my bike - Specialized...
  5. Pablo Juan

    Basin-Sassafras via Mountain Hwy, Victoria, Australia

    What CAT would you think/know the Basin-Sassafras 6.2km Mountain Highway climb be??
  6. Pablo Juan

    Avanti ?anyone got an opinion

    What's the view on Avanti. Lets say for example 2005 Giro for ~$1600AU.