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  1. endroll

    Stem mount for Polar HRM - anyone?

    Hi! Would anyone know where I can find a mount for polar HRM to sit it just in front of the stem. I can only find ones that sit to the side. Maybe someone tri minded might know. Thanks!!!
  2. endroll

    Gillett's life is worth $2000 + 8 months driving suspension would appear...
  3. endroll

    Road bike hire Melbourne

    Hi all! I am going to visit Melbourne in the first week of January and have a triathlon soon after returning home. Is there any place to hire a good quality road bike (anything running at least 105) for a few days? thanks :)
  4. endroll

    theft happens to everyone

    the age/Melb Rider stunned as thief steals his wheels By Melissa Ryan October 20, 2005 English cyclist Kristian House was the victim of a robbery when his $4000 bicycle - which he was to have ridden in Saturday's Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic - was stolen from a Melbourne hotel. Having...
  5. endroll

    RAF-383 (WA 1st prize for idiocy)

    745pm coming back commodore overtakes from farthest right lane into left-most bus lane since everyone is obviously too slow for this driver...slams brakes and rips through the car's tires because there is a guessed....cyclist in the bus lane probably trying to get home from her...
  6. endroll

    nashbar/perf bike help oh help

    has anybody ordered from nashbar or performance bike from this forum? my bank won't verify my address so they won't fill the order...argh :mad:
  7. endroll

    Piece of **** latex tube

    Argh - fitted the vredesteins to the bike last night and inserted latex tubes and pump pump pump pump pump *^*^*^*^BANG*^*^*^*^* goes the tube at about 130PSI!! Glad I wasn't relying on it as a spare on a ride or race... never ever ever again...:mad:
  8. endroll

    Perth Bike set-up and look keo carbon

    hi all does anybody know a good place to have a bike set-up in Perth? also any thoughts of the look keo carbon pedals...using shimano and thinking of change cheers!!
  9. endroll

    Online coaching

    Hi all! Has anyone ever used or heard reviews of some of the online "coaching/training" services? Work commitments and odd working hours are making me think. Other solutions welcomed. thanks.
  10. endroll

    somewhat but not really cycling related question

    Does anybody know what the transition area is like at the TWA state championships at Technology Park? thanks:)
  11. endroll

    Cyclist killed WHaaaat? all they can say is that it caused a delay....whaaaaat is the deal with this newspaper? :eek: Cycling accident causes M4 delays September 24, 2005 - 2:30PM One male cyclist was...
  12. endroll

    Margaret River - where to ride?

    Will be in Margaret River around Oct and thinking of bringing the bike this time. Anybody know of any good roads to ride (where I don't have to dodge 110km/hr traffic) - given that I will be there on a weekend any "slow-coach" rides around town? ehehe thanks
  13. endroll

    Make Loads Of Money For Free - Ride a BIKE To Work!!!!!

    :o :p :D there we go
  14. endroll

    Perth great bike ride

    Anybody doing this 60km event? Worthwhile? :D
  15. endroll

    Perth Route help

    Hi there! I am a wee little bit new to this city (kind of). I wonder if anybody would have a good way of riding from Claremont/Mosman Park area to Morley. I drive it easily enough by car, but was thinking of riding to work one Saturday morning (and returning early afternoon). Any ideas? I've...
  16. endroll

    Tdf Spoiler

    :cool: Lance wins 7th