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  1. SirJoe

    What Kind Of Food And Drinks Do You Take Along On Long Bike Trips?

    I think you brought up a very valid point. We have to find out what works for us. To often we base ourselves on what others do.
  2. SirJoe

    What's the greatest unexpected benefit you've had from cycling?

    Cycling is something that anyone can do at any age. It's low impact so anyone can benefit from it.
  3. SirJoe

    Worlds smallest bike.

    I found this video of someone riding the smallest bicycle in the world and wanted to share it here. Please show your respect and at least wait a few seconds before laughing. :D
  4. SirJoe

    How "off-road" can you safely take a road bike?

    Road bikes are more robust then what they look, but they aren't off road bikes. It doesn't mean that they will brake if you ride on grass or on a little dirt, but I would avoid large stones and roots. The distance between the tire and the rim isn't that big.
  5. SirJoe

    How does it make you feel when people say negative things about cyclists?

    Were I was brought up it was, not necessarily by my parents but by society at large. Our "success" was measured by our ability to buy a car. Truth be said a car was of primary importance since public transport was very poor and the distances we would have to travel to go to work was very big. So...
  6. SirJoe

    Co-worker needs to gain weight

    It certainly is tricky, there is a ton of information on how to loose weight, but not on how to gain weight. There is an easy method, and that is binging on fast food and not exercising, but that won't be too healthy for him and could create more problems then it's worth.
  7. SirJoe

    How does it make you feel when people say negative things about cyclists?

    Unfortunately that is the idea that is drummed into us since we are kids, there are a lot of people that would probably get to work faster and hassle free if they used a bike instead of a car.
  8. SirJoe

    Bike without pedals

    Haha he certainly doesn't look happy, I don't know if he is the inventor but if he is he could try and put a smile on his face it would sell better.
  9. SirJoe

    Bikes without chains.

    So does that mean that you could cycle up a hill with out the need of gears?
  10. SirJoe

    Wooden bike race

    Looks like fun. The bikes don't look very stable and I would be worried about doing very jerky movements, but I still wouldn't mind giving it a go.
  11. SirJoe

    Beef As Energy Food

    For instant energy you need glucose that's how come many athletes consume glucose gel before their races. For athletes to have energy throughout the race they need monosaccharide, disaccharide and polisaccharide. Glucose is a monosaccharide so it will be used up immediately and give the athlete...
  12. SirJoe

    Does cycling affect well-being at work?

    I think it depends on how fit you are. I have thought of doing that before when I wasn't in very good shape but was able to work through it. On those days I wouldn't push myself as much and was able to get the work done.
  13. SirJoe

    Bike without pedals

    Wait no longer, feast your eyes on this. It still looks very odd.
  14. SirJoe

    Fitness, or lack thereof

    This is true but the period that you can go with out doing it is longer then say if you rushed it. Since the muscles in your body take longer to build up they will also take longer to disappear.
  15. SirJoe

    In it for the long haul...

    Glad to hear this. Go at your pace and no one else's. Slow and sure that is the way to go, it really doesn't have to be that much at the beginning. That thing you hear them say in the movies, that the burning feeling is good, that is utter nonsense. The most important part is that you feel...
  16. SirJoe

    Bike without pedals

    There was a concept that was launched some years back but ended up not taking off. Pedaless bikes are by no means a new concept and were quit popular by the turn of the previous century. This concept was on the other hand like nothing that had been launched before. I don't think you have...
  17. SirJoe

    Cool looking penny farthing.

    This one doesn't seem to have brakes, but then again that's the last thing you will be thinking of when you are rolling down a hill and you have those pedals hitting you on the shins.
  18. SirJoe

    Bikes without chains.

    That most certainly would take care of that problem, no more oil stains on your calves and shins. I think your right it does look like a single speed. It will be fine if your city is flat, where I live these sort of bikes are nearly unusable.
  19. SirJoe

    In it for the long haul...

    There is another option. There are some really good camper vans that would take care of your special needs, and would allow you to still get to know a city by bicycle. I know it's not the same thing but life is made up of compromises.
  20. SirJoe

    Fitness, or lack thereof

    I learned that through trial and error. I went through a period of my life that I didn't move around that much and started putting on weight. I remember I once was in a hurry I tried to run about 100 meters, it took me forever and I was out of breath. I realized that I had to do something about...