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  1. BobHWS

    Photos from 2008 Hanes Park Classic Winston-Salem

    Click here for photos from the Hanes Park Classic Pro 1, 2 Race 2008
  2. BobHWS

    Photos from Hanes Park Criterium Winston-Salem NC

    Here's a link to some photos from the Hanes Park Classic Criterium, held Sunday, Aug. 5 in Winston-Salem, NC. The race was won by Ivan Dominguez of the Toyota United cycling team. A few samples:
  3. BobHWS

    Some photos from Lance's early career

    Now that Mr. Armstrong's great career is over, I decided to take a look back at the beginning of it. So I dug in to my old shoeboxes full of photo prints and pulled out some shots of the young Lance: pre-7 time TDF champion, pre-cancer survivor and pre-legend. I scanned them, cleaned them up a...
  4. BobHWS

    My photos from Paris-Nice 2005

    I attended the last two days of the Paris Nice race, a finish in Cannes and a start and finish in Nice on the last day. I took some photos which can be seen here: I've been to the Tour de France once and it was a great experience but I enjoyed...