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  1. wowkster

    Using road Bikes for Tri

    My brother and I just entered into Ironman WI for 2005. We ride mostly road for fun and some century rides and have done some Tri racing in the past. What are the disadvantages of taking a rode bike like a Trek 5200 and making it into a Triathlon bike by adding aerobars? I have heard the the...
  2. wowkster

    Colnago CT2 HP

    Does anyone know anything about the Colnago CT2 HP? How is the ride? Any problems with the mix of TI and Carbon? Thanks Matt Madison WI
  3. wowkster

    Standard or Compaq frame design

    Why would you want a compaq frame deign like the Litespeed Siena versus a more standard road frame? Does body type and size matter? Thanks Matt Madison WI
  4. wowkster

    Creaking with a Trek 5200

    I have a 2002 Trek 5200 and have had off and on problems with creaking comming from the bottom bracket. I grease the drivetrain and it stops for 200 miles or so then it comes back. Do Carbon frames just creak? I had an aluminum Cervelo and never had any creaking. Thanks to anyone who can help.