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  1. hughes

    compact vs. traditional frame design

    The real reason for compact frames is MONEY. The manufacturer doesn't have to make as many sizes. There are side benefits , but the real reason is MONEY.
  2. hughes

    Equipment Geeks

    What's wrong with being an equiptment freek? Some get more pleasure out of the equiptment than being as fit as the group. at least he rides. I'm both an equiptment freek as well as fitness. I just like machines of all kinds. I've been riding for 45 years, I'm 60, ride a C40 Colnago and am...
  3. hughes

    CYCLING book

    CYCLING by the Itl. cycling fed. was the cornerstone for cycling theory from the early 60's up to now. If you can get a copy to read, it is THE BIBLE of cycling . It deals with everything from physical,mental,tactics,mecanical,diet,and most everything still applies today. The way it translates...
  4. hughes

    CYCLING book

    No, I'm not talking about the book by Friel. This book is an Itilian publication from the 1970's. I'm willing to pay top $ fof a copy. Only one reply to this request so far. Thanks
  5. hughes

    tire cuts

    You are probably right about pressure. I do ride close to max. pressure. I also ride light tires and small section [22]. I've always been willing to accept the down side of soch tires as long as I can repair them. My booting method and the ShoeGoo I think is the right solution. Thanks
  6. hughes

    tire cuts

    I've been booting tires,both clenchers and sewups for 30 years and have never had a failure at the boot. I can't bring myself to buy a new tire every time I get a bad cut,with bike tires costing almost as much as car tires. I ride both a single and on Sundays a tandem with my wife. I've booted...
  7. hughes

    tire cuts

    Thanks, the Shoegoo works good.
  8. hughes

    tire cuts

    Ian, You were right the first time it is a road bike tire. There are alot of broken beer bottles in Texas, and I can't afford to replace a tire every time I get a bad cut. I have developed a very good booting system using ripstop nylon and contact cement. I just used the Shoegoo and I think it's...
  9. hughes

    CYCLING book

    Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of CYCLING buy C.O.N.I. sometimes referred to as The Training Bible or Manual. Help!
  10. hughes

    chain jump

    I am using Campy 10 with a Whip chain and master-link. If I use an 11 tooth cog the chain will jump on the cog . If I remove the m/l it works fine. I like the ease of removing the chain with the m/l . Help .
  11. hughes

    tire cuts

    Ian, I've always refurred to an inner patch as a boot. I'm talking about a large cut of the tread on the outside , either cutting thru the casing or not . John
  12. hughes

    tire cuts

    Does anyone know of some bonding agent that will stick to tire tread ? I can't find anything that will glue cuts together or fill cuts and adhere to the rubber. Hughes
  13. hughes

    What's your age, when did you start riding?

    I`m 58,started cycling 1969. Owned a bike shop and raced for several years. Stopped riding for 20 years [burnedout] began cycling a year ago with my wife on a tandem. We both really enjoy the rides together. I think your advice about learning the mechanics of a bike are right on. Part of the...
  14. hughes

    Texas shout out!

    John here, I`m in FT.worth.There are several regular rides from this area. Chk. Ft Worth bike club,Bikes Inc.Loanstar rd.Club.
  15. hughes

    Brazing v silver soldering v TIG?

    Silver is not used for fillets. It flows too thin.
  16. hughes

    IRD Cadence or Nimble Fly

    Just built a set of 32 hole F&R IRD Cad. They pulled up round and true. I`ve only got about 100 miles on them,but I think they are going to be good.