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  1. wortgames

    Baggy shorts - options & availability (Melb)

    Hi everyone, I've joined a social (old farts) cycling group after years of inactivity, and I'm learning fast that a decent pair of cycling shorts would be a nice thing - but I know nothing about them other than a few minutes Googling the subject. I like the idea of baggy shorts with detachable...
  2. wortgames

    CO2 inflators - genuine PRESSURE regulator?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a small CO2 device with a genuine adjustable PRESSURE regulator built in - does anyone know of such a beast? The 'regulated' devices I've seen actually appear to control the flow rate and not the pressure, but I'm hoping there might be others I've missed.
  3. wortgames

    Hybrids. Best of both worlds or master of none?

    I am about to retire a Shogun Metro, and I thought I might add my perspective. I bought it, second hand, about 8 years ago. In the time I have had it, it has never been cleaned, it lived outdoors for a long time, servicing was unheard of and I occasionally took it over rougher terrain than it...