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  1. Blackie

    Threshold in 20min test v NP

    Wondering if any of you can help. In a couple of 20min TT tests I've done to establish my threshold to use the Hunter Allen programs, I get about 300W. Yet for 20min NP today in a race I had 335W (though the avg was 284W), and a couple of weeks ago was 315W (avg 279W). So what value should I...
  2. Blackie

    Power loss from time off/sickness

    Has anyone personal experience of how much their watts fell after time off, or know of any papers relating to this? I'm curious as I've returned from a 2 week lay off with a chesty cold (and the week prior to that was an easy recovery week) and see my power down by around 20% on 5min and...
  3. Blackie

    How to improve 1 minute power?

    Hi, I'm a UK 3rd cat and have recently started training with a PT. After base training, I've done my power profile using AC's numbers, and no surprise, I find I'm a 3rd cat rider! ie FT around 270W etc, and VO2max and 5sec power in the range. The one anomaly was my one minute power which was...
  4. Blackie

    Why doesn't power on a rolling course relate to analyticcyling formula?

    This question is quite important to me, as where I live, there is not a single long flat stretch of road. So my LT work is done on rolling/"lumpy" courses. This evening I did 10miles, and my polar s725 watch (I know, there's about +/-5% accuracy in them), showed an average of 303W. The time...
  5. Blackie

    Any club training rides on Saturday morns in north London?

    Thanks for any info on this - I live in Islington, happy to meet wherever.
  6. Blackie

    Would you buy a Ciclosport Hac4 or a Polar S720?

    Have decided the time is nigh to upgrade my Polar M52. Its done its job but sadly cannot do multiple training zones and would be nice to have a watch with cycling features as well, which can easily download to a computer. (At present I use my cateye Astrale, and input the info). Has anyone any...