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    Fulcrum zeros and power tap

    Maybe a dumb question here! Is it possible to install a powertap rear hub on a fulcrum racing zero rear wheel? thanks
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    Look 555 vs Kuota Karma

    Hi all, Looking to buy a frame for the gf: light weight, not that powerfull (450 peak watts) and looking to train and club ride with the bike. We are considering 2 frames now look 555 kuota karma which one do you recommend? thanks
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    QuickStep cycling jacket

    Hi all, Anybody sporting the quickstep jackets? Id have one question for you guys. Thx
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    Pinarello, kuota or look?

    Hi all Im an intermediate rider doing from 3 to 4 bike rides per week. I also workout at the gym 4 times a week and consider myself in good shape (5'11", 170 lbs, 7% BF). Next year I plan on joining a club and push my level of ride higher...maybe compete in some crits and road races. I...
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    Planning a trip to boston area

    Hi all Im from Montreal and planning a road/cycling trip with my girlfriend in the Boston/Cambridge area. I would like to have some suggestions on where to sleep. Any cute B&B or inns near the city and nice bike path? Thx very much guys and girls!
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    Categories of cyclist?

    Hi all Can someone explain the difference between the different cyclist categories (ex. cat 4-5) and master A, B and C? thx a bunch
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    websites or DVDs on training techniques?

    Hi all Im new to cycling and love the sport! Id like to know if you guys have good websites, book or DVDs on cycling and training techniques? thx
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    Look Keo sprint spring adjustment

    Hi all I just bought some look keo sprint and Id like to know if theres an easier way then counting the turns to know if both springs are adjusted to the same strenght. thx
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    Basic training and circuit length

    Hi everyone! Im new to cycling and im new in this forum. :cool: Id like to start training and I found some great training programs on the t-mobile team web site. The basic flat training sessions last from 45 to 90min at a pedal rpm of 90-100. Id like to know what kind of distance a...