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  1. Wayno

    Cronulla International Grand Prix & Cadel on SBS

    Did anyone get down to watch? I only watched it on TV but it It was the absolute cream of Australian cycling. It was a awesome win by the retiring Matt White (former DCS) but I think he was the protected rider out there, the other pro riders used all their energy creating the breakaway from...
  2. Wayno

    Just collected my CR1

    Just collected first carbon road bike. I'm putting all my bits on and will go for my first ride on Sat. I got fitted and it is exactly what I had expected, my last bike (57 top tube) was too big, the Scott is a 54 and feels better on the trainer. FYI my other choices were, Colnago CLX and...
  3. Wayno

    mmm...Giant or Scott, opinions please

    Hi, I am in the hunt for my first carbon frame, I have narrowed it down to 2 choices: Scott CR1 w/ 105 + Aksium, or Giant TCR C2 w/ 105 + Aksium All I am after is the best frame as groupset and wheels can be upgraded. Both frames have great reviews (stiff, lightweight-approx 950g for 57cm...
  4. Wayno

    $50 'Mountain' Bike at Subway?

    $50 bike....goddam bargain. This is going to be my first fixie project.
  5. Wayno

    Spring Cycle/ Gong Ride

    Is anyone else doing the double? For me the Spring Cyle is pretty easy but the Gong Ride will be a challenge. I'm in training now doing one 75-85km ride each week with about 1-2, 20km night rides. What is everyone else doing for training?
  6. Wayno

    Cadel Interviewed by Denton

    Cadel Rocks. Such a mellow humble guy. Nice interview.
  7. Wayno

    Granny gear conversion (23 to 27)

    I've just got a new light pair of wheels and decided to get a 12-27 cassette (from a 12-23) so I can spin up hills better. Question: Do I need a new chain? ie lengthen it? Re-adjust rear and front derailleurs? OR just put them on and ride those hills? wayno
  8. Wayno

    Cheapie Road Wheels

    I just bought some light road wheels 1570g, with cheapie hubs but they do have DT Swiss spokes (probably cheapie as well). I paid $120 for them brand new. Has anyone got a set of these cheapie trainers? I'll give you a review once I get them on. If they are round and they roll, they would be...
  9. Wayno

    Where can I get Calike?

    Hi all, I am looking for a Catlike Compact helmet, but cannot find where to get them in Sydney. Wooleys Wheels has a Phonak one there for $200, but it's goddam Phonak. Cheers.