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  1. lrisius

    Looking for wool pads for giant tempo spinning bike

    Hi, I've got a Giant Tempo spinning bike I bought 10-15 years ago. Local dealer no longer carries Giant and I haven't found these pads online anywhere. Any suggestions where to look? Is there somewhere I can buy the woolen felt and replace it in the existing holder? Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. lrisius

    Mountain bike shoes for big feet

    +1 for the Sidis. Look for the "Mega" (wide) version. I've been wearing a pair of 51s for 10-15 years. Good shoes. I've replaced the straps once or twice.
  3. lrisius

    How Long Is The Seatpost Sleeve In Lemond Victoire?

    I've looked all over online and can't find this. This is not information that someone is likely to have in a database. I was hoping to find someone that has this frame or experience with it that could help. I am planning on checking with our local Trek dealer but again, I doubt anyone there...
  4. lrisius

    How Long Is The Seatpost Sleeve In Lemond Victoire?

    Hi, I've got a Lemond Victoire 53 cm frame that I was told was a 2002 model. Does anyone know how long the sleeve that is installed in the seatpost should be? I measure mine as about 2.75" from the top of the seat tube. Does that seem like the right length? It seems a little shorter than on...