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  1. moparchris

    SingleSpeed Hubs

    i'm getting a GT singlespeed frame (later in the month it should arrive) and im sortof getting some parts ready for it now, i'm going to get some NoTubes ZTR Olympic disc rims, some DT revolution spokes, DT alloy nipples, front hup i already have which is a WTB laserdisc one. The back hub i dont...
  2. moparchris

    SS frame and parts

    im looking around for a SS frame, for me its got to be cr-mo and i'd prefer having an EBB, also it'll be setup as a trail bike with a F100RLT, dont really know what components i'll have yet but depends on availability here. probly be using the jucy 5's off my trance which i'll replace with 7's...
  3. moparchris

    Giant Trance 1

    hey, anyone out there got a Trance 1 they know the weight of ? im thinking of getting one.. though it probably wont be for a few months yet (money and they've only just come into the country with limited numbers) im not too concerned with weight, obviously with the components on it it is going...
  4. moparchris

    kenda nevegal tyres

    ive got 2 of these sitting here ready to get some use but ive heard alot of people saying theyre good on the back but not that great on the front, any opinions on what works well on the front ? mostly will be riding in dodgy sand where half the track is quite loose, other times a bit of mud and...
  5. moparchris

    NZ - Cateye moonride

    anyone here doing this ride if so what category and 12 or 24 hr ? im doing 24 hr with 3 other people so looks like just a 4 person team atm. and im waiting on lights that im importing from an australian supplier (theyre Light and motion lights) which might be cutting it a little close, i...
  6. moparchris

    what sortof tyre would YOU use for these conditions

    ok for riding in quite hard but sandy (sotof more clay with a sandy/dusty layer on top - just enough to make it a bit slippy) it could be quite dry or just damp but yeah just quite hardpacked sand/clay some areas are more like soft sand that your tyres will sink into a little. this is for more...
  7. moparchris

    Topeak Moonshine Enduro lights -Topeak Moonshine Enduro lights anyone used them ? thoughts ? i think i'll buy some soon, ive got some 12 and 24 hour events coming up that i'd like to do so i need some decent lights.. anything else out there thats comparable that anyone...
  8. moparchris

    Vistalite nightstick lights

    anyone using vista nightriding lights ? i need to know how many volts their NiMH batterys are and how many amp hours i need some NiMH batterys 12v, 3ah or more. what brands use batterys like these ?
  9. moparchris

    Fox FRLT forks

    ok well yesterday i got my forks and damn theyre awesome, i got the F100RLT, anyone else using a FRLT fork ? theyre so smooth and adjustable i think ive upgraded everything that theres a point to upgrading on my bike :D the only other thing is probly the brakes (got hayes HFX-9's) but they...
  10. moparchris

    frame wanted in NZ...

    hey guys, im looking for a CR-MO or steel mountain bike frame, from 17-20" (measured from centre to top of seat tube) - none of these cheap crappy brands its got to be reasonably light and needs to fit a 1 1/8" steerer tube if anyones got anything that might suit can you send me some details, a...
  11. moparchris

    Crank Bros. pedals

    what does everyne here thats tryed them think aobut crank bros egg beaters/candy pedals ? ive tryed ATAC's and shimano SPD's before, i liked the times but want to try something different, and in my opinion the shimano ones are **** so theyre going and i think ill try out the candys or possibly...
  12. moparchris

    upgrading my skareb

    ok well im getting a remote lockout for my skareb soon and i could also upgrade to SPV, is it worth it, anyone had any experience with a non SPV and an SPV fork to compare ? im in the industry so ill get a decent price on all this so its all good, im just wondering if the spv is worth the $~60...
  13. moparchris

    carbon or alloy frame ?

    im going to buy a road bike, its definatly going to be a giant but im not sure which to get.. either the TCR composite 2 or otehrwise the TCR 2 or 1 alloy but i cant really decide and havent ridden many different road bikes, ive mostly only ridden mountain bikes. can you guys tell me any...
  14. moparchris

    who here also rides road ?

    yeap.. i was just wondering, i used to do some road racing but then i sold my bike (co-motion espresso, it hd ultegra and easton post, stem, bars etc.) to buy my DBR which is sortof dead now, im trying to sell it and i bought a giant XtC2 a few weeks ago im thinking of getting a road bike again...
  15. moparchris

    manitou skareb comp

    ok well soon im getting an XTC2 which has the skareb comp forks on it, anyone had any experience with these ? ive heard of a few having the arch cracking anyone had that problem ? i have SID SL's t the moment which have been damn good but are getting a little old and worn, time to chuck them...
  16. moparchris

    IRC Mythos

    hey, im just thinking of buying some of these tyres, im just wondering oif anyone here uses or has used them and what they think.. ill be getting the 2.1" wide ones. i mostly ride in sand and hardpacked dirt, i head the tyres arent very good in mud but thats not really a concern for me around...
  17. moparchris

    Taupo 12 hr race - 2nd oct.

    hey, anyone doing the 12 hour race in Taupo ? me and some friends are doing it, we have 4 people for the team and possibly another, im building my own lights at the moment for it and other night riding. :D
  18. moparchris

    Mountain biking lights

    ok ive seen a couple of articles around the net (search goole for DIY and homemafe mountain bike lights etc.) about making your own lights and since i dont really have the money to buy a good setup i think i can make one alot cheaper than i could buy a commercial thing for. anyone else here...
  19. moparchris

    unviewable if not registered

    i dunno if this has been mentioned before butt... i think the forums should be able to be viewd for the people who are unregistered, if they can see the forums beofre they register i think it will encourage peoiple joining and also can search engines find things on the forums if theyre setup...
  20. moparchris

    shimano RSX comp

    hi, im a mountain biker and dont know much about road components but im thinking of buying a cheap road bike then mabie later on when i can afford it ill probly get something better but.. im just wondering, what are Shimano RSX Comp components like ? how do they compare to others etc ? thanks..