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  1. dan0512

    RST Omega

    Im in need of a new cheap 100mm-ish fork (My RST Capa is holding up my abuse well, but I need more travel), and found this RST Omega TC It says it has 70-110mm travel, but then there...
  2. dan0512

    Help to determine spoke lenght

    Hello, I'm going to be building a front wheel, but don't know which spokes to use! I was planning on using a shimano m525 36 hole disc brake hub, and my current alex rim. I plan to use a 3 cross pattern. Any help to determine the lenght is appreciated! Dan
  3. dan0512

    Mech. disc brake lever

    I was just wondering if the Avid BB7's can be used with any v-brake lever. And, which adapter do I need to moung a 185mm caliper on a 51mm mount? Dan
  4. dan0512

    Disc brake setup

    Hello, I've been thinking of instaling a disc brake on the fork. I was taking a look at my options, and here the list of what I need, even though I need help filling it- Avid 185mm mech. disc brake 36 Hole front hub (m525, m756, any others) Spokes? Anything else (185mm adapter, nipples?)...
  5. dan0512

    Spoke length and wheel bld. question

    Hello, I've been thinking of installing a 185mm Avid disc brake on my fork, and I have a couple of questions- The new Hub requires shorter spokes, do I have to buy a new set(how do I determine the lenght?), or is there a way I can use the old ones? Is putting a wheel together hard? Dan
  6. dan0512

    disc brakes disc brakes..

    Hello, I've been riding on a new bike lately, but I feel that I don't have enough brake power at the front, so I've considered installing a set at the front. I know I need a new rim, and my fork has the 51mm attachment system. I was looking at some brakes, and found some Hayes, Shimano, Suntour...
  7. dan0512

    Help with new fork

    hello, I recently got a new bike, and it has an RST capa TL fork. The guys didn't have a manual, but from what I can tell, I think the pre-load is adjustable, but I don't understand the concept yet. So can please someone tell me what it does, and how to adjust it, and also how to do regular...
  8. dan0512

    Did I get a good deal?

    Whee I just got a new ride, it's a 26", bought to replace the aging Roadmaster mt. storm POJ. Here are the specs: 26" hardtail, 24 gears 6061 ally. frame Shimano Alivio rear derailleur, Acera front derailleur Tektro V-brakes RST capa TL fork Suntour front gears (is there a another term for...