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  1. AnthoBoy

    New entry level bike questions for riders who know Giant, Gary fischer.

    I recently posted this in mountain bike section....I'm hoping one of you experienced riders can help me out. "OK, after some thorough testing (of potential new bikes)'s down to: Iguana non-disc for $ 850 AUD (retail $999) , Giant Ranier for $1059 (retail $1699) or the Gary Fisher...
  2. AnthoBoy

    Gitane Blast/ Giant Iguana / Gary Fisher Tassajara?

    Hi All! I've narrowed my search for a mtbike down to these three options..... Gitane Blast 2003/ Giant Iguana 2003 or 2004/ Gary Fisher Tassajara. Any help you guys could offer me would be swell. The all seem great...particularly the Gitane for parts....many LX's in there :) . I can't...