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  1. David Henderson

    The Ultimate Interval, what, when, who, why....

    Hello everyone. I've written an article titled High Intensity Interval Training, for cyclists who are interested in increasing their fitness levels. My goal was to provide science-based information (as opposed to subjective, opinion, and/or anecdotal), and I include the citations for the...
  2. David Henderson

    Managing heat while biking and racing.

    Not too hot today here in Columbia, Missouri, but soon it'll get hot this summer. Here's a little article I wrote on heat management for bicycling in high temperatures. I hope that someone finds value in my article. Stay hydrated my friends! Regards, David Henderson
  3. David Henderson

    Myth concerning Crank Arm Lengths

    Dr. James C. Martin, PhD research shows that there is little difference in efficiencies between your current crank arm length and any other commercially available crank arm length. There are several other interesting finds from his research. In summary: Common crank sizes are nearly all...
  4. David Henderson

    survival tactics for road cycling

    I just saw some local news of a bicyclist who was struck by a car and killed. The details were not given, so I don't know the exact cause. At anyrate, I've compiled a list of survival tactics for road riding that may save someone some skin or a trip to an Emergency Room...
  5. David Henderson

    NRC Pro-1 Race, Tour de Grove

    Hello, I understand this is not the TdF or TdI, but this is video of the NRC Pro-1 Race, Tour de Grove in St. Louis, Missouri June 13, 2010. The video is high definition split screen (both forward and aft) and puts you into a view from the race. YouTube - Tour de Grove Regards, David Henderson
  6. David Henderson

    hd cycling videos, race tactics, tips & more

    I wanted to share some stuff that I have created that may be worth while to some. Basically they are high definition cycling videos produced by myself and blogged about at: My world from a bicycle I hope someone enjoys these videos that were hard, but fun to make. YouTube - University of...
  7. David Henderson

    HD videos of The Belleville Criterium

    Hello race fans! Sorry I'm not Lance Armstrong, but my race videos are priced accordingly...... free! Enjoy! 1. YouTube - Belleville Criterium 2010 2.YouTube - Finish of Belleville Criterium Regards, David Henderson category 1 amatuer bike racer
  8. David Henderson

    HD videos of The Tour of St. Louis

    Racing in the rain, see this clip to get you in the mood Tour Of St Louis 2010 - Stlbiking Photo Gallery- powered by SmugMug My on bike footage of the Tour of St. Louis category 1-2 footage is as follows: YouTube - Carondelicious Circuit Race Also known at the Carondelicious Circuit Race and...
  9. David Henderson

    HD Videos of the Tour of Hermann Stage Race

    Hello race fans: Here's two pretty cool videos of the Pro 1-2 field from the Tout of Hermann. Shot in Hermann, Missouri April 17-20, 2010. The criterium footage is a bit unique. I was told that the view point is from my the perspective of my spleen. So that's nice. Enjoy the videos and then...
  10. David Henderson

    HD video of Tilles Park Criterium

    Hello race fans: Here's two HD race videos of the Tilles Park Criterium from April 11, 2010. YouTube - Tilles Park 2010 part 1 of 2 and the finishing video has a plethora of attacks: YouTube - Tilles Park Finish Part 2 of 2 Thanks for viewing (if you do) these videos take quite a bit of time...
  11. David Henderson

    HD video of Hillsboro Finish

    YouTube - 2010 Finish of Hillsboro Road Race Hello race fans. The above link is to the finish of the Hillsboro RR from April 10, 2010. Maximum field size of 125 riders and the finishing field was about 28 riders. Sorry I didn't get the final sprint footage. I was unable to get water in the...
  12. David Henderson

    High definition bike racing videos

    Hello Everyone: My name is David Henderson, and I am trying an experiment this year. I have created a video blog that will feature strictly cycling and cycling related video. In particular I plan on videoing most, if not all of my races in high definition, and edit them down for viewability...