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  1. jaguar75

    Trek 2013 fx 7.6 - disc brake install

    Hi, as described in the title, I am trying to see if I can install Disc Brakes on my FX. I will have to buy new rims cause the ones that came from Trek do not have mounting holes for the rotors but my concern is the fork (Carbon) also does not appear to have holes for mounting the...
  2. jaguar75

    Been a While!!!

    Hello folks, been a while since I have been on the ole Cycling Forums...Took a hiatus from riding, started working too much, gained alot of weight, got married...blah blah blah....Well, decided that enough was enough, orderd my new 2013 TREK FX 7.6 and just picked it up. NEED to get back in the...
  3. jaguar75

    Advice for Fiancee

    I have been riding for several years and I am slowly introducing my fiancee to it and she really seems to enjoy it. I do not want to scare her off with too much "training" but would love her to progress to the point where she is comfortable riding by herself. My enjoyment in cycling has always...
  4. jaguar75

    Long time no talk!!!

    Hey folks it has been a few months since I last posted. Life here in the big easy has been pretty hard. I usually work about 50 to 60 hours a week doing de-construction during the day, bartending at night and re-building my mortgage company in between. I have to be honest I have only been on...
  5. jaguar75

    Finally returned home after 3 weeks of evacuation from Katrina!!!

    Hi all. My friends and I arrived home in New Orleans this morning after just over 23 hours of continuous driving. We covered over 1400 miles and got into the city just after 0500 in the morning. We went to everyones house in the group and the folks that had power got to sleep in their house...
  6. jaguar75

    Storing C02 Cartridges

    Where is the best place to store C02 cartridges? When I was a kid we used to stick them in the freezer...don't really remember why. Where do you guys store yours?
  7. jaguar75

    Rash of Shark Attacks in the U.S.

    Despite all of the recent shark attacks in the U.S. I am very glad to see that everyone is not reacting in the wrong way and going out and hunting these fish down and slaughtering them...I was especially pleased to see the comments from some of the family members of the attacked. Some of them...
  8. jaguar75

    What do you wear under your spandex?

    I have been riding for several years now and I have never purchased spandex...The otherday I was having a conversation with a someone and the topic came up and now I am seriously contemplating it...what do you folks normally wear underneath the spandex? (briefs, boxer briefs, nothing, jock...
  9. jaguar75

    Tropical Storm Cindy - A good one!!!

    Well...TS Cindy blew through last night and it was a pretty good show. I stayed up until 1400 CST and watched the power transformers blow and the wind knock trees down and the streets flood...etc, etc, etc... Now that she is gone TS Dennis has his sights set on our neck of the woods yet...
  10. jaguar75

    Fathers Day

    Just wanted to say happy Fathers Day to all of those that are dads...I for one spent the day on the golf course with my brothers...not a cloud in the sky and the temps in the 80's and the beer was was a good day...hope all of ya'll had a good one as well!!! :)
  11. jaguar75

    Mountain Bike Shoe

    Anyone here know where I can find MTB shoes in a (US) 13.5-14 Wide?
  12. jaguar75

    Mountain Bike Shoe

    Everyone...I know this is probably not the right forum for this question but I have to ask anyway...I am having a bear of a time finding a MTB shoe in a 13.5 or 14 wide (US)...Anyone have those shoes you want to sell or know of place that has a pair?
  13. jaguar75

    Schiavo Update...

    I heard on the news last night that Congress has passed a law that forbids any family member/spouse from pulling a feeding tube unless the subject person had indicated otherwise in a living will... I know we have all gone round and round on this issue in the previous thread but I just have a...
  14. jaguar75

    Logo Creator Program?

    Pro or anyone you know of some good shareware or free programs that you can download that help you create logos? Logos like for a company or some kind of branding?
  15. jaguar75

    Danica Patrick

    If any of you watched the Indy 500 this past weekend then you saw the future of this sport in the form of the fiercely beautiful and very capable Danica Patrick. She placed 4th overall and was only 4 laps away from winning and creating the biggest upset in racing history...a rookie FEMALE...
  16. jaguar75

    The greatest American!!!

    The Discovery Channel is about to do a 2 day series to ultimately nominate and label "The Greatest American". I wanted to throw this thread out there to see what everyone thinks... I spent a lot of time actually pondering this as there are a lot of people that have made tremendous...
  17. jaguar75

    2005 Hurricane Season predictions released today (5/16/2005)

    For those of us that live on the gulf coast or eastern seaboard, NOAA released to 2005 predictions for Hurricanes today and are calling for a season just as active as last years with up to 5 storms reaching cat 3 or higher. Should be a fun one... :eek:
  18. jaguar75

    Your fastest speed on a Mountain bike!!!

    I am curious...the other day I was riding on the road on my MTB and I came to a stop before crossing the street. The next street over was a long straight-a-way and From a dead stop and with no downslopes I got to 27.5 MPH. What kind of speeds are you folks getting with no assistance from...
  19. jaguar75

    What will Tony Blair do with his 3rd term?

    Do Britons think that TB will pull out of Iraq or will he address core issues in the UK? What do Britons want him to do?
  20. jaguar75

    Amber Alert in Europe?

    Does any european nation have the "Amber Alert" system? In case you don't and wonder what it is a system similar in operation to a disaster alert system. When a child or adult has been abducted and reported, the alert system interrupts all television stations and announces this fact...