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  1. cdy291

    Look compatible cleat

    So has anyone used some cleats for your Look pedals that weren't made by Look. VP has some that look alright.
  2. cdy291

    This freaking forum

    This is the best forum ever. I haven't posted here in a very long time but I come here a few times a week just to read. This place has the best gossip ever.
  3. cdy291

    Caad 7 Frame

    A bike shop close to me says they have a 2006 or 2007 (the guy didn't seem to know) Caad 7 frame for $550. I was just wondering if it was a good deal. I am looking for a frame that is a bit stiffer than the one I have now since I can actually look down while I'm riding and see my down tube and...
  4. cdy291

    PowerTap wheel set.

    How does this setup sound. Training/ Everyday wheel. Rims- DT Swiss 1.1 Front Hub- DT Swiss 240 28 hole Rear Hub- PowerTap SL 32 hole Spokes- DT Swiss Revolution Nipples- DT Alloy
  5. cdy291

    Winter break

    My last race this year will be the state TT September 29th. After that every one is telling me I should have a 3 week break, then start the slow easy miles. Last year I just continued to ride straight thru the winter. As soon a the racing started in March I was extremely strong and stayed that...
  6. cdy291

    How doped was David Zabriskie in 2005?

    2005- New TT record beating Lance Armstrong. ***** the yellow jersey for 4 days, and could have been many more. 2007- Comes in over 2 minutes behind on the first stage. Gets time cut on stage 11, which is a flat. Before he was cut he was 1:42:00 behind the leader.
  7. cdy291

    Time lost in TT

    I did a 2.26 mile TT last saturday. I was racing in the pro1/2/3 field with 40 guys. I came in 33rd with a time of 5:01:264. The winning time was 4:24 from a guy from Jittery Joe's pro cycling team. My question is how much time could I have lost to him due to the bike I was riding. The course...
  8. cdy291

    Scott cyclocross Team

    What does everyone think of this bike? What are things I should look for in a cross bike. I am a skilled road racer but this is the first time I have every looked at cross.
  9. cdy291

    Specialized Mondo Pro

    I got some Mondo Pro tires the other day to use for training. One thing I noticed about them is there recominded pressure is 115- 125 psi. 115 seems a little high for what they are calling "min. recominded pressure". I was acustumed to using pressures more like 110 psi with my other tires. Whats...
  10. cdy291

    Injury; High heart rate?

    Saturday I was riding in the north Georgia mountains doing some long hard climbing. Climbed Hogpen in 36 min. Stopped a rested at the top and had a conversation with a guy on a motor cycle. Long story short I ended up hitting the ditch on the way down at 35mph. Didn't hurt me to bad since I...
  11. cdy291

    Legal enhancements

    If it takes doping to be a pro I guess I never will be. I'm not looking to kill myself. But I was wondering if anyone had any sugestion on something like vitamins I could take just to help, not cheat.
  12. cdy291

    Cat 1/2 doping

    Just how rampant is doping in the Cat 1/2 feilds. I did my fist Cat2 road race yesterday. And the guy who won I have questions about. I have known him for a while. Last year he was just a mediocre Cat3. Now this year he is one hell of a Cat2. I train with him alot and he is just stupid strong.
  13. cdy291

    Good enough

    Whats a bike that you guys would call good enough to race with. As in the cheapest parts that will work. Talking about road bikes. Just want to compare your answers to the bike I have now.
  14. cdy291

    Tour de l'Abitibi

    I will be doing Tour de l'Abitibi in late July. It is in Canada and is the only UCI Junior event in North America. I have got to start preparing my training for this 6 stage race and I just can here to see if anyone had any advice other than what a few coaches have told me. There will be team...
  15. cdy291

    TCR vs. TCR Advanced

    I am looking into getting a new bike with a full carbon frame. I am liking the Giant road bikes, and am also starting to like the new Trek :D. But any way whats the main differnce in the TCR and TCR advanced frames? Will it be worth the extra money? I only weight 135lbs (61kg I think) so if its...
  16. cdy291

    Pedal problem

    Three times now I have pulled my foot out of the pedal during a race. Yesterday it cost me a First place finish. They are Look Keo Sprints. The first time I did it I thought it was because my cleats were getting a little old, so I reaplaced them. I also have the tension on them as high as it...
  17. cdy291

    Upgrade Question

    Here is what it says on USA cycling: "4-3 20 points in any 12 month period.................30 points inany 12 month period is an automatic upgrade" What is the differnce? If you get 20 why would you even need to get to 30?
  18. cdy291

    Hours a week

    I just turned Cat4. I pretty much slammed all the Cat5 riders and would like to see Cat3 by the as soon as I can get there. My question is how many hours of training a week should I be doing to be competive in your average Cat3 race. I'm shooting for around 10- 10 1/2 now. The most I've ever...
  19. cdy291

    Cat4 upgrade

    I just upgraded to Cat4. My question is do I have to reissue my liscence now so that I says I'm a Cat4?
  20. cdy291

    Panasonic track 2000

    I was just wondering about how much I could get for this bike.