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  1. NM87710

    CTL Peak till Race ??

    For WKO+ users. Using some spreadsheet models I'm trying to plan/forecast my CTL for the season and specifically my key event - 5 day stage race. I've been nailing my plan so far this season continually building CTL 3-5pts week. Now taking a planned 4 day break before starting my event...
  2. NM87710

    analyticcycling web site?

    Anybody else have problems getting to the web site? It's been unavailable(at least to me) the last few days. :confused: Thanks!:)
  3. NM87710

    Increasd FTP 13%!

    Christmas came early:D Well kinda. After a year I sent my SRM Pro in for new battery. Slope was off 13% :mad: but in favor of my FTP :). So I go from 240 to 275! (not that it will impact my training). But it does explain A LOT and finally my w/kg power profile matches my racing category:cool: ...
  4. NM87710

    SRMwin vs. WKO+ question

    I'm noticing a significant difference in time logged for each power level when reviewing data SRMwin and WKO+. The power training zones contain the same wattage range values and date ranges in SRMwin and WKO+. Today SRMwin showed L1=0:20, L2=1:29, L3=0:07. Same file imported into WKO+ shows...
  5. NM87710

    SST: Does less really equal more?

    I may have an opportunity to train 15-20hrs/wk next season so I'm wondering how the extra time might help me(if any) vs. a "compacted SST model" of 10 hrs/wk. Sooooo, if you had 15-20 "free-time' hrs available what training would you do?? 1) Bet The Farm on SST: focused SST effort 10 hours...
  6. NM87710

    Weekly TSS ??

    Been graphing and analyzing weekly TSS scores, max 5", 1', 5', 20' wattages and race performance in CP. Very cool stuff. Depending on how I define my "week" the results can be quite varied though. A Mon-Sun week produces quite a different view than a Sat-Fri week. Since I race on the weekends...
  7. NM87710


    Working on defining my matchbook but a bit puzzled by some race data. Did Joe Martin Crit in AR last Sunday managing to hang in the lead masters group of 15. I'm not a sprint/crit rider and my power numbers support that reality. All the sprinting out of corners really wears on my ol legs...
  8. NM87710

    FS: SRM Powermeter Crankset

    SRM Powermeter crankset(only) used on TT bike. Perfect for a second road or TT bike. Powermeter V, 172.5, 39/53, Shimano Octalink. Works perfectly. New battery, recalibration and chainrings in '05. $850