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  1. blackice

    What kind of fork do you have

    i have a marzocchi z5 flylight air very nice fork
  2. blackice

    which has a stronger frame? specialized rockhopper or kona blast

    i just got my frame replaced it was a 97 cindercone now i have an 03 frame kona has a reliable warranty
  3. blackice

    Bank Robbery?

    first off im never gonna try to rob a bank and second i have no clue about the whole *cricket* thing
  4. blackice

    Scratch & Sniff

    thank you a lot ... now i think im going to go burn my eyes out
  5. blackice

    Short & Sweet

    ha ha ha! nice one
  6. blackice

    How long can you ride no-handed? And why do you do it?

    i can i can wheelie for long i can whellie around turns and stuff like that even one handed its not that much harder on road bikes just its hard to stay on the seat especially it its really high man its almost scarey id be goin like 25mph on on wheel and its kinda freaky and ive only done it...
  7. blackice

    Judy SL U turns

    if i were you i would go with a nice marzocchi mx comp with or without (eta) "the new Extension Travel Adjustment locks down the rebound damping but still allows 25 - 30 mm of travel." from marzocchi website
  8. blackice


    id definatley go marzocchi's they're not to light but the mx comp with eta best fork i have ever put on a bike
  9. blackice

    Grip shift vs rapid fire

    i would definatley go with shimano rapid fire shifters dont go for the cheaper sram ones that just came out
  10. blackice

    What type of bike do you have

    Why isnt kona up there i just bought a kona their great bikes im thinking about getting a marzocchi mx comp with eta
  11. blackice

    a simple intelligence test

    thats good really good