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  1. HowardSteele

    180 Rotor On Rear.

    I have shimano 160 rotar rear and have a spare 180 rotor.Question being, is it worth the trouble to switch to the 180 ,obviouslly adjusting the caliper hight. I see it is becoming common for most bikes to run a 180 front and a 160 rear. Why arn't they drunning 180 on front and rear?.
  2. HowardSteele

    Shimano deore xt disk shifter brake lever

    Shimano deore XT disk shifter brake lever combo,where can i find a working drawing of assembly/scematics? I need to take the thing apart and see if i can fix it.the gear shifter is not working. I believe there's a web site? Otherwise i have to use the brake as is and put on a normal shiter.Any...
  3. HowardSteele

    Things i've found on the Trail

    Over the years of cycling the trail, I have found a wide variety of cycling accessories (THE TRAIL BEING CROSS COUNTRY AND BUMPY), so if its not secure you'll loose it. Waterbotles by the dozens,pumps,multitools, puncture repair kits and tyre levers are the most conmen besides those I've found 3...
  4. HowardSteele

    A great ride

    Yesterday i rode up to the mast, Well we refer to it as the Mast ride, which now is a cluster of satellite and radio receivers, perched on the top of the Tokai mountain looming to the side of our valley. The ride begins in the Tokai forests and is a spider web of jeep track criss crossed with...
  5. HowardSteele

    MTBiker eaten Mountain lion

    Eaten by wild animals?, I Heard a story the other day: of a woman MTBikers attacked by a mountain lion in the Yellowstone national park, She survived but on further inspection at the scene of the attack they discovered a mtb and then the poor MTBiker that had not been so lucky and became part of...
  6. HowardSteele

    Being struck by lightning on a cycle

    We were ridding in a thunder and lightning storm recently and the topic arose of being struck by lightning. Would the rubber tyers and the fact that you have spinning wheels play a part that you wouldn't be earthed and therefore not be a target? Has anyone ever been struck by lightning on a...
  7. HowardSteele

    A picture of your MTB and the places its been

    So the roadies have had their showing, lets brag with our babe's how about shots in their favourite places.:cool:
  8. HowardSteele

    Senior Moments

    Two elderly women were out driving in a large car - both could barely see over the dashboard. As they were cruising along, they came to an intersection. The stoplight was red, but they just went on through. The woman in the passenger seat thought to herself "I must be losing it. I could...
  9. HowardSteele

    spam zapper

    Hi guys, This is probably the bane of your lives. But lately there seems to be an increase on the site page of posting disguised as a genuine cycle topic and then is advertising for some or other product, a usual indicator is multiple reads and no comments. Ok so how about an alert button built...
  10. HowardSteele

    Those little rubber thingies

    Howzit all, I just bought some tube repair, patch and solution. And they still include those rubber, valve tubes; I haven’t seen those valves since i was a kid, 30 odd years ago. I bet the younger riders don’t have a clue what they are or used for. I remember as a kid making my GI JOES spear...
  11. HowardSteele

    What Car do you drive?

    Ok! So some of you are pure cyclists and don't own a motor vehicle, but out here public transport poor, and if you have an adventurous spirit you need to travel. My vehicle is a Nissan Hard body 2x4,double cab. It’s a great vehicle to tour in, you throw everything in the back including the...
  12. HowardSteele

    Funny cycling pics

    I found some hunerous,funny,strange pics relating to cycling,have you seen some worth looking at? How's this refridgerated pannier?
  13. HowardSteele

    Mass protest ride in Durban

    - Death of cyclist sparks off mass protest ride in Durban this Saturday.
  14. HowardSteele

    Cyclist tradgedy.

    A cyclist was killed when he and his colleague were hit by a car on the N19 freeway near Westville in Durban,(South Africa) Netcare 911 has said. Spokesperson Chris Botha said the two cyclists were riding a tandem bicycle when car hit them. "One of the cyclists died at the scene and the other...
  15. HowardSteele

    WILD animals spotted on my rides

    Ok! so I’m in Africa ,well the tip of it anyway and on every ride up the mountain i get to see some wildlife, Birds include EAGLES,HAWKS CROWS AND FALCONS, of the mammals the baboons are probably the biggest and most common but I’ve seen large porcupines ,the little deer are shy and difficult to...
  16. HowardSteele

    music to ride to

    I 'M downloading some tunes to my mp3 player for my ride and trying to put some good ridding music together, you know, must sort of carry you along, not pull over and put your feet up also it mustn’t get annoying. Two of my favourites 1.Bad company -feel like makin love 2.Golden earring –Radar...
  17. HowardSteele

    Lock out problem

    Hi I’ve got a Manitou black (SUS FORK) with lock out. My problem is the lockout facility seems to have disappeared. The lockout lever on the shock used to set lockout as you turned it left to right , Any body experience this problem and get any answers. Thanx Howard.:confused:
  18. HowardSteele

    Where's my lock out gone?

    Hi I’ve got a Manitou black (SUS FORK) with lock out. My problem is the lockout facility seems to have disappeared. The lockout lever on the shock used to set lockout as you turned it left to right , Any body experience this problem and get any answers. Thanx Howard:confused:
  19. HowardSteele

    Using a cell phone while traveling

    Hi all, I’m spending a week in Scotland and then three weeks Spain Portugal. My question being do i get a pay as you go in Scotland that can be used in Spain Portugal or do i get separate accounts for the different countries. Will it work out cheaper to get a small unit in Scotland and a...
  20. HowardSteele

    NEW LAW makes cycling safer

    Well done, Oklahoma, A new law just passed in this state makes it an offence for motorists to pass within 3 feet of a cyclist. Here in Cape Town legally we have a meter wide cycling area(sort of an imaginary line) but cars invade that space when the road narrows or passing on coming trafic...