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  1. photoweborama

    Stinking bike trails...

    I'm riding home from work last week, and as usual, there is a group of three kids, one walking, one on a bike and one on a skateboard. I come up behind them and yell our "excuse me". The skate boarder moves off the trail and the guy riding the bike does not look back at all and moves left...
  2. photoweborama


    Our bike paths are pretty smooth and flat, but when I cross streets, here are always a bunch of curb bumps, path repairs, etc. What is the best way to take those things without causing damage? Stand up, sit down, lean forward, etc.?
  3. photoweborama

    Music when riding

    I've listen to mostly classic rock with my own music mixed in there. I actually like to listen to my own music. It rocks. But about a month ago, I got my first flat. Actually, I got three flats that week. When I got that first flat, I kept hearing a faint squeaking noise but ignored it...
  4. photoweborama

    complete newbie.. very discouraging

    Seems to me you can get a decent bike for $800.00. Even a new one for that. I like my Giant OCR3 I got for $600.00. It is an entery level bike, but the components are really decent.
  5. photoweborama

    Insurance coverage for the major possibilities?

    IF it gets taken from your house, your homeowner insurance should cover that. Your auto insurance may cover if taken from your van. I don't think anything will cover if it is taken while camping. As far as getting hit, the driver of the car's insurance would cover that, or your own health...
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    upgrading low end bike

    Well, I did not upgrade the mountain bike. I may still do a few things at my leisure. I sold a guitar and went out and bought a Giant OCR3 with the money. Fast bike, and economiclly priced! And I found that with drop road bike handle bars, it allows me to place my hand to where I have very...
  7. photoweborama

    upgrading low end bike

    I could get a used bike, but I'd like a new one. I really want one where I sit up straighter. Mt bikes and road bikes have you lean over too much. I have carpel tunnel syndrome and even the bike I have makes my hands go numb because of the angle. I also could not ride a bike for until now...
  8. photoweborama

    upgrading low end bike

    The bike is working pretty good right now. I've decided to just get a new bike in a few months. I think I'm going to end up with a Jamis Commuter 2. I'm also looking at the Giant Cypress DX, or the Giant FCR3
  9. photoweborama

    upgrading low end bike

    My local shop carries Giant. It looks like the Giant Cypress model would be a good choice for commuting. I told my wife I'd like to get to three days a week on the bike. It will save us a lot of gas and money. It's a long commute for me, being old and with health probelms, but I think it...
  10. photoweborama

    upgrading low end bike

    yes, I can see the logic in that. I think I'm done trying to work on this thing. I have it in good working shape right now, but I'm not sure how much longer it will stay the way it is.
  11. photoweborama

    upgrading low end bike

    Here are a few pictures of the bike:
  12. photoweborama

    upgrading low end bike

    Thanks for the info. When I took it apart, there was not much in there. I'm going to take it to the shop and see what they think. There was barely enough grease to assemble the thing. The bearings were pretty dry. No wonder it did not turn very easy. I cleaned all the parts, packed the...
  13. photoweborama

    upgrading low end bike

    yes, it's cheap. I got it at Toys R Us. It's and OEM JEEP brand. It has a crank like this: I'm not opposed to spending a few bucks on it. I've seen a few Shimano BB's that run only about $60.00 and and crank chain ring combo for...
  14. photoweborama

    upgrading low end bike

    I have a low end mountan but, but it has a nice Aluminum frame. I was just thinking about upgrading some of the components. The first thing I'd like to change is the bottom bracket and the crank assembly. Are bottom brackets interchangeable? Will I be able to take the cheap one out and just...