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  1. teacherguy

    Does rough rode plus big belly equal carbon

    I am about 205lbs and am looking to drop about 25. I have ridden for many years and currently ride a Scott Speedster S1. I like the bike but will be ready for an upgrade soon. I have to hit a couple miles of some pretty rough roads to get to my usual ride. While they are paved, some have not...
  2. teacherguy

    Nike Team Jersey

    I am looking for a new jersey but after looking at hundreds of them I could not find one I liked until I saw the Nike Team jersey. It is simple looking but with all the features I am looking for plus I am a huge Nike fan. The problem is I have only found this jersey on a few websites and one...
  3. teacherguy

    How much for frame swap

    Does anyone know the going rate to have all componants swapped between two frames?
  4. teacherguy

    Older Campy Athena vs new Shimano Sora or Tiagra

    My reason for swapping frames is strictly due to geometry. I test rode a Scott Speedster last week and was amazed as to how much more comfortable the ride was. This is due to a more upright position.
  5. teacherguy

    Older Campy Athena vs new Shimano Sora or Tiagra

    My frame geometry is old school and my old school back does not agree with it. I want something newer with aluminum instead of steel. Thanks for the info. I think I will upgrade the frame and take my time upgrading componants.
  6. teacherguy

    Older Campy Athena vs new Shimano Sora or Tiagra

    I have an older bike (13 yrs old) with Campy Athena 8spd dual control componants. I was told by a local shop that even though this was a higher level group, it would be inferior to today's Shimano Sora or Tiagra which is a lower level. Does anyone agree or disagree? I need a new bike but can...
  7. teacherguy

    Frame or bike upgrade?

    The geometry is the biggest concern but I would love to upgrade to aluminum as my Bianchi is all chromoly. Anybody know what a 93' Bianchi Giro is worth?
  8. teacherguy

    Need cleats for Diadora pedals

    I have a set of Diadora Power Drive pedals which are older than the hills. I love these pedals as they are extremely easy to enter/exit. The problem is I have had them for nearly ten years but have never found a shoe which allowed the cleat to bolt up. Does anyone know if there is an adapter...
  9. teacherguy

    Frame or bike upgrade?

    I have been out of cycling for about eight years now and have recently redeveloped the itch. I got out my 13 year old Bianchi Giro and was amazed at how uncomfortable the geometry was. I guess I am too old to have my head lower than my butt. I would love a new bike but the wife is on...