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  1. Parsnip

    New seat for a Dawes Galaxy

    Hi, I'm sprucing up my dad's Dawes Galaxy (1980-something model), and as part of this I want to fit a new seat on it. However, I'm not sure whether a modern seat would fit the 80's post, and I don't want to buy one and then have to buy a new post. Does anyone know whether seat post fittings...
  2. Parsnip

    SPD Advice - noobie help

    Hi I bought a bike the other day which came with Shimano PD M540 pedals, but I have never used SPDs before. I was browsing eBay for some cheap SPD shoes to test it out, but have absolutely no idea which shoes are compatible. Also, do I need to buy cleats for the pedals? Or the shoes? Or...
  3. Parsnip

    Solar Power for Sat Nav touring

    Hello, can anyone give me some tech advice? I'm looking for a way of powering a USB Sat Nav device, and I don't fancy being stuck to mains power everyday. I've seen quite a few chargers, and the Freeloader looks good when combined with the Supercharger kit, as this would do for my phone too...