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  1. Bob Edberry

    Ouch..another nail in ergomo coffin....

    Ngart? any response? Defective return rate exceeds 30% and you won't honor the warranties? News Release December 7, 2007 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Gita Ends Relationship with Ergomo Charlotte, NC - Gita Sporting Goods, LTD announced today that it will officially end its...
  2. Bob Edberry

    Ergomo Validity shot down....

    Don't know if anyone saw this, but something that I have suspected all along. Someone posted it on the wattage forum. Bad news for all you ergomo owners out there..... IJSPP, 2(3), September 2007, Copyright (c) 2007 Validity and Reproducibility of the Ergomo(r)Pro Power Meter ComparedWith the...
  3. Bob Edberry

    Online Power Training plans ?

    Hey all, I am considering one of Hunter Allen's plans on and my threshold is 280watts. He has plans for 270 and 290. Should I go to the higher one? I just did my test for FTP, and I was dead on 280. Any thoughts? Thanks. Bob
  4. Bob Edberry

    OMG! - Voigt's file from July 4th-just posted on CPSoft! Holy ****. That is amazing. First hour of the breakaway- 391watts normalized. I guess that's what you can do after like 10 Tours. Anyone know how much he weighs? Bob
  5. Bob Edberry

    Live and downloaded Power files from Tour

    On Each day, they have the live data during the race and also Hunter Allen, power guru, is doing a daily analysis of Christian Vandevelde's files. Pretty amazing files. Looks like he's in better shape than maybe thought. Could be very good tour for him. You...
  6. Bob Edberry

    Power Preme in Races!?

    Thought this was an interesting concept. Looks like CyclingPeaks is sponsoring a "Power Preme" for a race in Virginia this week. Appears that riders have to upload their files each day and whatever the preme is for that day if the rider has the best 5 seconds or whatever, they win $500...
  7. Bob Edberry

    Online Power training plans?

    Hi- I was wondering if anyone had tried an online training plan for wattage? I see that Hunter Allen has some available on , but wondered if anyone out there had tried them. I was looking for something this spring and see he has made Spring plans. Anyone tried...
  8. Bob Edberry

    Training and Racing with Power meter book

    Hi- I am new to the forum and have just ordered the book by Allen and Coggan on . Has anyone gotten this book yet? What do you think? I am new to power training and this book was recommended to me. Is this the only book out there on Training with Power? Thanks for any help. Bob