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  1. dtm

    Manitou splice on my Trek Fuel 80

    I have Manitou Splice comp forks fitted to my new Trek Fuel 80 as standard, is it just mine or does anyone else find them incredibly harsh over small bumps, my hands after a trail ride feel like I have been riding ridgid forks ! They just dont seem to work over high speed small bumpy fire road...
  2. dtm

    Dura ace wheels- light enough ??

    I know the "which wheels" thing gets done to death, but I do want some opinions, I recently got rid of (Ebay) a set of racing wheels which were pretty damn light at about 1550 ish grams. However they had a habit (through bad design I suspect) of breaking rear non drive side spokes. I wont tell...
  3. dtm

    Wheel de-stressing

    Whats the opinions on the most effective way to destress a wheel after adjusting spokes. I tend to grip pairs of spokes and squeeze them however I dont seem to be able to get rid of the dreaded ping ping of the spokes on the first ride and the inevitable wheel going out of true again slightly.
  4. dtm

    Handbuilt wheels frustration !

    I have a couple of sets of low spoke race wheels that I keep for racing only. I like to train on my Handbuilt Open Pros/Ultegra/DT Double butted spokes. Recently I cannot keep the rear from going out of lateral true slightly. (the front is always fine) I need to re-true it after every ride ...
  5. dtm

    Giro to MET Stradivarius

    Anyone swapped from a Giro to a Met recently. I need your experience on sizing issues. I have a Giro Pneumo medium now and I want to swap it for a MET stradivarius 2. I was going to just go for a medium MET (they only do two sizes Medium and Large). However I have since had some advice saying...
  6. dtm

    MET Stradivarius 2 helmet

    Hi, I want a new helmet to replace my old Giro pneumo, I like the look of the MET stradavarius 2 helmet, but the sizing is leaving me a bit confused. I am a medium in a Giro 55-59, and its set about halfway on the fitting so I guess I am about a 57 cms head size. the MET sizing only has two...
  7. dtm

    Look pedal service question

    Hi, to anyone who has assembled - reassembled a look pedal (preferably the keo). I have just removed the axle on my keo carbons for a regrease. Can you tell me how tight the plastic nut an the axle - pedal body connection should be when you reassemble. It seems if I tighten up too far it starts...
  8. dtm

    Keo design flaw , (or just me ?)

    Has anybody else managed to strip the threads on the cleat tension adjust screw in the Look keo pedals ? It seems a dodgy design flaw to me, or it that I am just ham fisted !!
  9. dtm

    Look pedal disassembly

    Hi all On my Winter bike I have a pair of approx 8-10 years old original look pedals. I am pretty sure that they need a regrease in the bearings as they are becoming stiff to turn and a bit rough and dry feeling on the spindles. The type I have has a circular end cap approx 20mm in dia with...
  10. dtm

    Worried about my air shock

    How tightly screwed or fixed ? into the top cap of the rear shock is the damper rod on a rock shox BAR rear shock, have they ever been known to loosen ? Is it percievable that they can come loose by turning the damper body within the main unit. I have been led to believe that the top of the...
  11. dtm

    Fork abuse or not (I hope)

    Hi, Will it do any damage to my forks if I ran them over rough terrain with a few medium hits whilst running with a high compression damping or lockout. It was just that I ran over some rocky stuff recently with a few small jumps (no big drop offs or anything just some smallish impacts after...
  12. dtm

    Tacx flow question

    Hi I have recently bought a Tacx flow for my Winter training. I have adjusted up the roller pressure to the minimum before any tyre slip. I am running 8 bar in my tyres (115-120 psi) My calibration result comes up at between +8 and +10. I was wondering what calibration results do other users...