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  1. CycleSteve

    Resting Heart Rate - By Age Group

    Enter your resting heart rate, as it is when you wake up in the morning. Thanks.
  2. CycleSteve

    Ever hit or nearly hit a cyclist?

    I'm a roadie (about 5,000 + miles a year) and have had my share of narrowly avoiding crashes with cars. So the other night I'm out driving and nearly clobber a roadie. It was a well lit intersection, but out in an area where there are not any lights beyond the intersection, so everything is...
  3. CycleSteve

    Wheaton to Lake Geneva Ride - Sun 8/31

    Am riding from Wheaton, Illinois, to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin on Sunday August 31. Starting about 8am. Is about 70+ miles. I'll average about 18+ mph. You'll need to find your own place to stay up there, ride back, or get your own ride back.
  4. CycleSteve

    What to say when passing

    I've stopped calling out "Passing on your left," since too many people actually first move to the left. Now I just say "Passing" or "Bike". Everybody moves to the right when I do that. (Also, it's easier to say when you're gasping for breath.)