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  1. Hillrider

    You People are living in a bike loser tatorship

    rugulars, i bet there will be 2 posts pointing out this spilling error.
  2. Hillrider

    The best wheel manufacturers?

    hey, that is cool wheel!
  3. Hillrider

    Bike Sheep

  4. Hillrider

    What new bike do I need?

    i aint new to cycling ive cycled for years except i dont go so far into it to care to learn about the coolest new 400 dollar shifting mechanism because i dont care. all i wanted was some tip on cleaning the rust off a winter cassette and peoples experience with what to do. shows your...
  5. Hillrider

    The best wheel manufacturers?

    I never seen a ccm wheel break yet.
  6. Hillrider

    Chinese Carbon Frames

    CCM does frame testing i think too. its called mass production and thrust it into the population to see how many frames come back. if some weld or part keeps breaking on a particular model then they weld it better for the next production run. works every time.
  7. Hillrider

    So I'm thinking about long distance cycling.

    I like to wear knee length shorts that are loose and boxer. if im shaffing i move stuff around, also i jack up the shorts and its freeing. I typically eat porridge as soon as i wake up, then i will have some bacon and some pancakes. digest, go ride. this gives tons of energy for the days...
  8. Hillrider

    Microshift Arsis Review

    also dont ask for the definition of black hole
  9. Hillrider

    Troll Poll

  10. Hillrider

    What new bike do I need?

    Do we need a poll defining trolling?
  11. Hillrider

    What new bike do I need?

    nice.... trolling again i see....
  12. Hillrider

    chain changing

    oic. so how much is a new cassette worth? Also i got a rusty winter cassette it got rusty after one season in the snow, how do you clean it up so its good again?
  13. Hillrider

    Best steel road bike to buy/build for $1500?

    is 650 b a brand of tire or something?
  14. Hillrider

    What new bike do I need?

    Well the homeless guy might get jealous and think your an egotistical jerk if you have a nice bike and health to ride it and dont drop a few francs off for his barley? differen't point of view from every angle
  15. Hillrider

    What new bike do I need?

    You bet, maple leafs all the way babay!
  16. Hillrider

    Microshift Arsis Review

    I aint never seen nobody using them neither. I see lots of shimano SIS on ccms though. proven and reliable technology for sure.
  17. Hillrider

    Cycleforum admins delete posts at random

    never thought of that im dumb
  18. Hillrider

    Cannondale Quick CX - changing tires for thinner ones

    you just slayed the bull in the ring
  19. Hillrider

    What new bike do I need?

    alienator, you are the most assuming and troll like person on here. the statement takes one to know one is an apt assessment.
  20. Hillrider

    Cycleforum admins delete posts at random

    I made a comment in the thread that was on how not to get your bike stolen. I made a list of approximately 10 items, ideas i came up with to keep from getting your bike stolen. Later on i came back and the post was deleted. There was no expletives in it, some of the ideas were...