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  1. Tezza

    Caught speeding vs. Red means stop fitzroy boy

    Yeah I'm pretty bemused too - by the selfish idiots who want the benefits that society provides but think themselves too cool or smart to put up with a minor inconvenience such as traffic lights. Your not too smart to accept my taxes to pay for your brain surgery, orthopedics etc when things...
  2. Tezza

    Just another drug scandal

    Surely even the Europeans can see that if the UCI do not take drastic action, Professional Cycling will become the joke that All American Pro Wrestling is - just another stage managed farce.Some serious (and universal) testing protocols and non appealable lifetime bans might be drastic surgery...
  3. Tezza

    How far in 30 min?!

    20km T/T in 31 min 36km in 60min I'm 54yo
  4. Tezza

    Online bike shop Problems

    Hi John, I sent them an e-mail just after Christmas explaining that the goods had not arrived and truly .... an hour later the Aust Post delivery truck turned up at my front door. That made the delivery time about 7 weeks. Therefor i did not have to test whether they would have sent a...
  5. Tezza

    Online bike shop Problems

    Hi, I noticed a reference a couple of weeks ago to the time it took for a delivery from the French online bike shop I have been waiting 5 weeks for a HRM. I'm starting to think that I have been dudded. Has anyone else had experience with and if so, what sort of...
  6. Tezza

    Sunnies! We all need em, which are the best?

    Like others who are wise beyond our years.......... listen grasshopper ..... I use Black Ice $20 units. They are comfortable and will not break the bank. If you are a brand dork go ahead and spend $200 plus on something totally peripheral to your riding performance otherwise put the money saved...
  7. Tezza

    German Team Jerseys

    There are only just so many combinations of red white and blue before designers run out of ides. Some years ago Aussies started questioning our close historic and cultural links to Brittain. Changing the flag was just too contentious so it remains RW&B (for the moment). Instead, we introduced...
  8. Tezza

    Lance is "The man"

    Armstrong is truly gifted and totally committed. The ability of all the riders is amazing - but as someone else said "don't forget the domestiques." I have just finished reading that new book by Rupert Guiness - "Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oui Oui Oui" - it is a great read with some good yarns about...
  9. Tezza

    Over the hill gang

    Hi, As you say who knows where an "over the hill gang" might lead. I'm a late comer to cycling. Started 4 years ago at 51, then joined a Veterans' Cycling Club (Road Racing) and now I wish I'd got into the sport when I was 20. What a great passtime and what great people you meet! We are hosting...
  10. Tezza

    Cycling will get bigger when Americans get smarter.

    Tony, You give me hope. All we see here in Aus, is the dumb yank courtesy of some third rate TV show or Hollywood fantasy. Your comments make it clear that there really is intelligent life out there. Cheers, Tezza
  11. Tezza

    Bike shorts

    Hi Gilby, Crusty old riders will tell you that you should wear nothing - that's why their knicks become as crusty as they are. I wear tightish ordinary jocks. It's really a case of "if it feels good, do it!!" Tezza
  12. Tezza

    Public acceptance of cycling US vs. other countries

    I live in Canberra and the attitude to cyclists here is fairly healthy. There are a lot of roadies about and drivers accept them pretty well. Most other types of cyclists stick to the footpaths and designated cycleways - mind you there are some cyclists that deserve all they get - it all comes...
  13. Tezza

    McWhiner is a complete pinhead.

    Like so many unattractive aspects of modern western culture, we too have sportsmen with ATITUDE - DUDE - sickening isn't it? Mind you we still have some who can demonstrate the better side of their characters under pressure like McGee, Cooke, O'Grady. It may not last for the Aussies but by hell...
  14. Tezza

    Adjust Shimano STI levers for reach

    Hi, I need some help to make it easier for smaller female hands to grasp STI levers while on the drop bars. Is it possible to adjust STI Tiagra (Flight Deck) levers for reach? If yes, how do you do it? Thanks in advance
  15. Tezza

    2 National Road Comps this Spring in Canberra

    The 2003 Australian National Veteran Cycling Championships will be held in Canberra 25-28 Oct 2003. A Criterium, Individual Time Trial, Road Race and H'cap Road Race. Competition is open to members of an Australian Veteran Cycling Club. (Men 35yo+ and Women 30yo+.) Also the cycling events for...
  16. Tezza

    100 years tour de france

    Paul, If you watched SBS first episode of the 3 part series "100 Years of the TdF" you may have noticed the inevtable book for sale. I think it is the one you are talking about. It is available through Dymocks and I saw a copy not long ago in the Technical Bookshop in Swanston St Melbourne. It...
  17. Tezza

    Most tasteless jersey ...

    "Oh,,,, why does the rest of the world hate us so much?" that jersey design says it all - a little humility goes an awful long way, particularly when you are on top!!! Tezza:rolleyes:
  18. Tezza

    NSW Police at it again

    Gistane, You might like to check out the latest issue of Australian Cyclist. There is an article abut Bargo, a small town about 60km south of Sydney. Their council has decided to target cycling as a means of attracting weekend dollars to their town. I think they are hosting a national juniors...
  19. Tezza

    Here's another thought

    Gee that explains it Andy, Vote rigging and megolomania must have been "majors" for Dubbya at the expense of basic English. Don't worry, we have our own embarrasment in the form of Prime Miniture John Coward. Tezza