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  1. RC2

    What is Leipheimer riding in the TdCA?

    ...looks like a sloping TT? Anyone know?
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    Tire recommendation?

    I'm really a roadie, but got the urge to dust off my old bridgestone mb0 for some fun on hardpack fireroads near my house. The tires on it are about shot and I need some new ones, any recommendations? I want something light for fast, no-too-technical rides on hardpack gravel/desert conditions...
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    M2 racer pedals

    Anyone have any experience with these pedals? Speedplay-like float, with a much more walkable cleat. That's a good combo, and throw in light weight to boot. Crazy expensive though... and a tiny platform means hotspot trouble on long rides?
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    Font vs. rear tire pressure

    I'm wondering what the conventional wisdom is on this. I've always used ~max PSI to minimize rolling resistance, 120-130 in the tires I'm currently using as trainers (Rubino pro's). Recently I've been using 20-30 PSI less pressure in the front to soften the ride -- my current bike is a bit...
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    Posting from work? Home?

    OK, another poll of questionable use, I know. I am just feeling a bit guilty and weak, not having the motivation to choose doing actual work (I'm in the office) over reading this forum. :rolleyes: So you can make me feel better by letting me know it's not just me. Are you stuck at work...
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    I hear a lot about low Q-factor on this board in discussions on pedals, double-vs-triple, and there was even a point made on OLN that LA was using a special BB on his TT bike that was narrowed for a lower Q-factor. But I don't see much on why a low q-factor is important. Does it make pedaling...
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    Do you wear socks in your cycling shoes?

    I always have, but know some don't... so I'm wondering. What do you put on your feet? Shoes and socks? Just shoes? Socks just for training (just shoes for competitive riding)? What? Also, do you have a favorite cycling sock?
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    $ into frame vs. $ into components?

    OK, in another post I've run into a quandry... should I buy a bike with a nicer frame and lower groupo, or nicer groupo and slightly lower quality frame (given that the total bike prices is fixed)? The specifics are -- I was looking at a Felt F45 for myself. Al frame with carbon fiber seat...
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    Recommendations for a "pretty" bike...

    First off, I know that sounds a bit stupid and I'd never purchase a bike based primarily on looks. But... My wife wants to get in to road biking, and I took her to shop around. I was steering her toward a Felt F60 (105/ultegra, $1200ish, with carbon fiber fork and seat stays/aluminum frame)...