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  1. ubdawg

    Cinelli Aerobars?

    Does anyone use the Cinelli Spinacissimi Aerobars? I saw them on and they're cheap, light(210g), and the yellow would look good on my bike, but I know nothing about them. They don't look like the most comfortable, no elbow rests, but I'd like to hear some reviews. Thanks,
  2. ubdawg

    Sigma Wireless Computer Problem

    I just bought two sigma wireless computers/heart rate monitors and mounted mine to my bike just fine, but when I went to install the magnet on the spokes of my girlfriend's bike it doesn't fit. She has Shimano wheels that have flat spokes rather than round spokes, making the spoke to wide for...
  3. ubdawg

    Shoes Questions

    New to cycling and I need a little info on shoes. My shoes have three positions to set the cleats in. One near the ball of the foot, one middle, and one towards the middle of the foot. Are these here simply for rider preference, or do the positions have uses depending on your ride(long vs...