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  1. The Double Zero

    Argon 18 Krypton

    I am looking at maybe purchasing one of these, anybody got any experience good or bad?
  2. The Double Zero

    Rasmussen a GC Chance?

    Does anyone rate Rasmussen as a genuine GC chance?, There is only 109km of ITT in total, with a lot of mountains still to come. Could he ride everyone off his wheels again getting big mins and hold on?..
  3. The Double Zero

    Hincapie to T-Mobile

    Rumor from todays
  4. The Double Zero

    Bring on Le Tour

    So who here is excited about the tour finally coming around again (nearly). I am looking forward to it, and hopefully we can have a good event so that the Landis affair can be put into the distance and we can celebrate a true clean winner hopefully Cadel Evans.
  5. The Double Zero


    Do you guys think it is fair that Unibet keep getting shafted by the ASO and RCS organisers in their races? I think it is an ego battle between the race organisers and the UCI and Unibet are copping the brunt of this.
  6. The Double Zero

    three dogs at the vet

    Three dogs were sitting at the Vet, one turns to the other and says "what are you in here for?" He replies "I am getting put down, I was a hunting dog, but I ate my maters kill when he shot it." "What are you in here for?" he replies. "I am also getting put down, I bit my owners mother when...
  7. The Double Zero

    Come back Lance

    After last years disappointents with operation puerto Floyd etc, can Lance make a comeback to restore the respectability to our sport!:)
  8. The Double Zero

    Changing chainring

    I want to put a bigger chain ring on my big ring going from a 50 to a 53, I have Ultegra 10spd, with truative crank set, will any shimano big rings be compatible with my crankset? and is it as simple as unscrewing my old ring and putting on the new one?
  9. The Double Zero

    Michelin Pro Race

    Has anybody experienced problems with michelin pro race tyres totally blowing out? This morning my rear exploded with a 1 1/2cm tear fully across the tyre. My friend said that he knows of three others experiencing the same problem.
  10. The Double Zero

    Davitamon Lotto name Change

    Next year Davitamon Lotto is changing to Predictor Lotto. They will be named after a pregnancy test product and the uniforms will be salmon pink. The riders would have to be rapt with this don't you think?