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  1. soonerschwinn

    Gay marrage..?

    In the recent election the people of 11 states passed bans on gay marriage. Most of them by large margins. Not the Church, not the government, not the right or the left, but the people. The will of the people is what our Constitution is based on. Our founding fathers broke away from a system...
  2. soonerschwinn

    Who wants a HUG???????!!!

    babybunny, Counseling, lots and lots of counseling. SS
  3. soonerschwinn

    Whats the big deal

    Riding to me, like many things, is as much about the stuff as the riding. I like constantly changing the bike when tires, wheels, components, etc. come along that are different/better/lighter/cooler than what I have. Does it make me any faster, no. But it's part of the fun. SS
  4. soonerschwinn

    POLL for MEN only: Do you think Lance is cool for leaving KIK?

    Being divorced myself I know that public perception and private reality can be two very different things. We can't really have any idea what the marriage was like or why they split. SS
  5. soonerschwinn

    Have you ever purchased bicycling related items online?

    I buy probably 90% of my cycling stuff online. Also my motorcycle stuff, truck stuff, car stuff, boat get the idea. SS
  6. soonerschwinn

    I Need Help!!!!!

    About an hour and a half. 7AH means that the battery will provide 7 amps for 1 hour, 1 amp for 7 hours and so on. A 50 watt lamp uses 4.16 amps (50 watts/12 volts=4.16). 7AH/4.16 amps = 1.68 hours. SS
  7. soonerschwinn

    Has anyone ever tried Campagnolo on a MTB?

    Look at Campy's 2005 stuff. They are making trigger shifters now. Could they be testng the MTB waters again? SS
  8. soonerschwinn

    Frame painting

    Try Airglow. I'm going to send mine to them. Every time I've emailed them I've got a response from Patti in a matter of hours. Seemed really helpful, knowledgeable too. SS
  9. soonerschwinn

    Do you think I'm a lady?

    I agree. This thread might make a good billboard for the "Just Say No" program. SS
  10. soonerschwinn

    How Much Do You All Weigh?

    5'7" and kinda fluctuate between 152 and 160. SS
  11. soonerschwinn

    Is a 400 gram wheel difference noticeable?

    I don't know any physicists but I do know an engineer. That would be me. An average human can produce only about 1/6th horsepower at the pedals. At that small of a power output the work involved in getting the weight of a wheel spinning far outweighs the ability of a wheels mass to store...
  12. soonerschwinn

    Be Aware Of Ebay Bike Scam

    I love ebay and use it a lot. But, I have seen enough such scams to make me really watch out. It happens all over the place $18,000 Harley's for $6,000 $3,000 drum kits for $800 $1,200 guitars for $300 They have figured out a way to even assume someone elses feedback so that they look good if...
  13. soonerschwinn

    Is a 400 gram wheel difference noticeable?

    I agree with the last few posts. It depends on where on the wheel the weight is. I changed from 2.25" 650 gram tires with standard tubes to 1.75" Kenda Kozmik Lite II's at 345 grams and superlight tubes, about 350 grams difference per wheel. It's like riding a different bike because all the...
  14. soonerschwinn

    What's your age, when did you start riding?

    I'm 45. I started riding at 5 or so. For years after that if you found me you found my bike. Then about 5 years ago I quit. Just this summer I started again and remembered why I loved riding for so many years. I'll only quit again when I can't turn pedals anymore. SS
  15. soonerschwinn

    Endurance cadence

    I found this summer that starting out rides at 100 to 105 I tire out at around 40 to 50 mi. If I stay at 90 to 100 I can ride the longest I've done this year (around 65 mi) and still be wanting more at the end. So, I stay between 90 and 100 with bursts of up to about 110 when I'm chasing. SS
  16. soonerschwinn

    Why do you ride?

    Wind in my face, whining of the tires against the pavement, "whirring" sound the chain makes, etc. = freedom, sights, smells, peace, serenity, stress relief, being out in and part of Gods great creation. I love it, always have always will. SS
  17. soonerschwinn

    It's not the bike, it's the rider - So?

    This thread has reminded me of a few century rides I've been in where you'll be riding along in a group going 25+ mph, you're all on decent to really nice bikes. Except for the one guy on a Huffy or something, with a cottered crankset, steel handlebars and cage pedals. You have to wonder what...
  18. soonerschwinn

    How much does your bike weigh??

    My MTB that's pretty much set up for the road and light off-road weighs 24.5 lbs. I just had reason to weigh it after installing a Hollowtech II crankset and a set of 340 gm each tires.:) SS
  19. soonerschwinn

    Maintenace poll - DIY vs. LBS

    Haven't taken a bike to an LBS since my Schwinn Varsity was nearly new. That had to be '69 or '70. I've built my last 6 or 8 bikes from the frame up. I'm very mechanical and just don't trust someone else to do anything as well or as carefully as I can. SS
  20. soonerschwinn

    What type of bike do you have

    Schwinn Mesa Manitou SXR fork All XT Sun Sub4 rims Kenda 1.75 Kozmic Lite II tires I ride 90% on pavement with the other 10% on fire road type terrain so my main concerns are weight and rolling resistance. It weighs 24.5 lbs right now. It will probably get a Manitou Skareb or the like this...