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  1. Frihed89

    2010 Tour Route

    This tour will likely be won on the 17th (high mountaintop finish) and the 19th (ITT). Of the 6 "high mountain stages", only two -- the 8th and 17th -- end on a mountaintop after a hard clumb. All the rest end, either on a downhill run or on a small peak after a long downhill run. The 18th...
  2. Frihed89

    We need a Cold War Drug Policy

    Money caused this problem. Only money can end it. The sponsers could all agree that if a rider is "caught" doping by an agreed upon method of testing or by direct evidence, all of the sponsers will pull their financial support. End of pro cycling.
  3. Frihed89

    BREAKING NEWS: Danish team's 2 top riders admit to doping

    You can see this on Youtube: and What next?
  4. Frihed89

    Let's talk about something else - the silly season?

    The silly season will soon get into full swing. Which major teams are in trouble and which ones will fold this year? What big name riders will change teams for 2005? Where will they go? What is happening with Team Discovery Channel? I can't even find a web page.
  5. Frihed89

    Damiano Cunego and the TDF

    Well, Lance and USPS reign supreme. But what about future challenges? Especially, what about Damiano Cunego, winner of the Giro d'Italia, whom our favourite rider on this board, Gilberto Simoni, called a "******* and an ignoramus" after Cunego blew him away in the Giro. Does he have the right...
  6. Frihed89

    Stage 16

    15.5 KM, the last 13.8 KM at an average 7.9% grade. A question for the experts and the rest of us: How much time can the winner "make up" here between the other top contenders on this TT? By then we will know if Voeckler is for real or not. But as it stands now, there's 1-2 minutes between...
  7. Frihed89

    The current Tour leader ?????

    Voekle - or something like that. He is the French champion. Can he climb or do TT?
  8. Frihed89

    Alternatives to USPS for US Riders

    Really good American riders have had 3 choices in the last 5-6 years: 1. Support LA on USPS 2. Go to a Euro team and get mistreated 3. Join CSC If Julich regains his past form this year, and he seems to be moving in that direction, maybe more will follow to his and Tyler's (former) team...
  9. Frihed89

    Cycling trainers (coaches)

    I am interested, that there is not more discussion about the trainers (you call them coaches) of the major professional road racing teams on this board. Are they that important? Why? Who is the best one today? Why? And finally because where i am from, how would you rate Bjarne Riis as a...
  10. Frihed89

    CSC next year

    CSC is an american sponsered team with a danish coach (Bjarne Riis), staff, and about 1/2 the team and the off-american. Last year it was Tyler Hamilton. This year it is Bobby Juilch. Last year CSC finished first in the team competition, and Hamilton finished fourth (or fifth), and they also...