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  1. eddiebrannan

    nicoletti engineering framesets

    anyone know anything about these? they're no longer in business and someone once intimated to me that they used to be airborne's frame-maker. they used to make cheapy straight-guage 3/2.5 ti framesets. anyone got any more information?
  2. eddiebrannan

    here's a good deal for a 2004 bianchi giro
  3. eddiebrannan

    headset question

    so i got my 04 bianchi giro and switched out the stock deda stem for my old stem. the stem's shorter top to bottom so i added a couple spacers until the stack height without the cap was 3mm above the end of the steerer tube, fitted the cap and bolted it down into the star nut as far as it would...
  4. eddiebrannan

    hey guys i'm no dummy but all this scientific stuff makes my eyes cross

    anyone recommend a program or a book which'll just tell me how much to ride, when and how?
  5. eddiebrannan

    Just got my 04 Bianchi Giro Double

    Totally stock (actually i upgraded the forks to a better Deda model simply because that was the only one the LBS had in the size I needed), picked er up last night and did 20 miles this morning in Prospect Park just before the snow hit. I've been riding a 40lb singlespeed dirtjump hardtail for...
  6. eddiebrannan

    weight of 04 bianchi giro double?

    anyone know for sure?
  7. eddiebrannan

    just bought one of these