1. M

    Cannondale synapse or bianchi oltre? help

    Hello all, I have been in love with road cycling for a while and have decided it’s time to treat myself to a new road bike with a better spec. My old Trek 1.2 has served me well, but Sora group set feels a bit clunky when I ride hard. When I ride with others, I’m pretty much always the one...
  2. Ivor051

    Help identifying bianchi bicycle

    I recently bought a used Bianchi bicycle in Croatia. I have not been able to identify the model and year of production. During my search online, I found your site to be very informative and useful. I was wondering if you could help me identify this bicycle. I made some photos. They can be...
  3. B

    Ma: (fs) old bianchi 55cm, completely rebuilt with new dura ace parts

    For sale is a vintage Bianchi frame complete with newer age, brand new components. There are approximately 60 miles on this build and I have refrained from riding it because it's too beautiful to beat on. Every bike I have owned has been ridden hard, and instead of this I find myself riding my...