bicycle buying

  1. J

    A bicycle, also called a bike or cycle

    A bicycle, additionally referred to as a motorbike or cycle, is a human-powered or motor-powered, pedal-pushed, unmarried-tune vehicle, having two wheels attached to a body, one at the back of the opposite. A bicycle rider is known as a bicycle business owner, or bicyclist. Bicycles had been...
  2. Naveed Zafar

    Beginner cycling advice

    There are some things for which i need advice. i am planning a bike tour on silk road. 1) which bicycle will good for this tour i mean for rough as well as for plan routes ? 2) what important things should i keep in mind while on this trip? 3) what cycling equipment or parts should i need to...
  3. Novelangel

    Hard to fit biker

    Too tall, or too short... those seem to be problems with bicycling. I know that when I bought my last bike, the store was filled with giant-sized bikes and I had to search around to find one small enough, since I'm not even five feet tall. The sales clerk had to haul out the kiddy bikes that...