1. C

    Need help repairing BCA Comet

    Hello I am new to the bike game. I have a few bikes that need repair with this one in particular I don’t even know where to start. Something I noticed, the chain doesn’t catch when u are pedaling. I am no stranger for removing chains but this one is odd and I can’t find any information on it...
  2. J

    A bicycle, also called a bike or cycle

    A bicycle, additionally referred to as a motorbike or cycle, is a human-powered or motor-powered, pedal-pushed, unmarried-tune vehicle, having two wheels attached to a body, one at the back of the opposite. A bicycle rider is known as a bicycle business owner, or bicyclist. Bicycles had been...
  3. T

    Custom pressure distribution bicycle seat/saddle.

    Have you ever seen a bicycle saddle like this? Green dots are for CMM pickup coordinates. Still carving it.
  4. J

    Bell vs giro: what is the leading brand in bicycling helmets?

    Hi all! I am conducting research for a college study and would like to get your thoughts on who you believe to be the leading brand in bicycle helmets: Giro or Bell? And why? Thank you for taking the time to answer! Jade
  5. W

    Wild atlantic way cycle sportif

    Hi, Naoise here from the Wild Atlantic Way Cycle Sportif. I woul like to invite you and your club to take part in the 2018 Spring Wild Atlantic Way Cycle Sportif which will take place along the west coast of Ireland from the 19th of April to the 4th of May. This fully-supported 16-stage...
  6. M

    Suzette's inspirational story

    This cyclist rode 8,000 miles across the U.S. in honor of her brother, who was tragically killed in 2015 by a distracted driver. Inspirational stuff:
  7. M

    Patrick rides on

    Hello, I wanted to share a story on Suzette Wanninkhof, who recently cycled 8,000 miles from Alaska to Florida in honor of her brother, Patrick, who was tragically killed by a distracted driver during a charity bike ride in 2015. I thought this story might be of interest. Thank you...
  8. T

    Miyata 610 balance issue

    HI there, I have a Miyata 610 and it has never been easy to ride it with no hands. Always leaning to one side. Any suggestions about how to balance a bike?
  9. Froze

    84 centurion comp ta

    I posted this in the wrong spot earlier, I can't believe it's still for sale. This is NOT one of my bikes, but I saw it on Craigslist, it appears to be in average condition for it's age, pitted aluminum that I saw can be cleaned up, can't see enough of the paint detail to determine condition...
  10. B

    New bike store opening

    Check out this video it is a store opening ceremony video in Chandigarh city. Where bike studio open its 3rd franchise store. Bike studio is a franchise company opening stores in all over India. After this Bhopal is the next store which is opening soon. Bicycle showroom :- Our brands are...
  11. B

    Glamour on bicycle womens bike riding exercises for a better ride

    Bicycle Riding by womens, Its the most popular pastime reacreation. Its a great way of sight seeing also really a good exercise. however before commiting yourself to ride on roads. some important aspects that come into mind. 1. Be smart and Be safe:- Make sure you are ready to ride to got your...
  12. M

    Opinion about a mtb

    Dear friends, I am new at this, I would like to know what is the difference between this bicycle: and the others with different price: Thanks in advance
  13. sharkantropo

    Few tips to start mountain cycling

    Trespassing trees mounted on two wheels is such an addictive experience. If you wonder how it feels , I'll give you a few tips how to properly prepare for your first tracks. When picking a bicycle, It should fit your height , body type and length of your legs . Otherwise, you will feel...
  14. J

    Potential bike product

    Helllo everyone! My team and I are looking to launch a new bike seat product. We would love your feedback and appreciate all constructive criticism. Thank you for your time!
  15. J

    Potential bike product

    Hi everyone! My team and I are looking to launch a new bike seat product. We would love feedback from avid bicyclists. Thank you for your time!
  16. C

    Exciting medium range italian bicycle brand - new to uk

    I am the UK Sales Manager here at Cicli Elios. I have been working in the Cycling Marketing sector since 2006 with major Italian Brands. Since September 2015 I have been given the honor of creating and coordinating all English Speaking markets for Cicli Elios - Italia. I am confident that my...
  17. N

    Project on bicycle safety

    Hi, I am working on an university project related to bicycle safety and I need to conduct short interviews with riders, preferably urban riders or commuters, on the subject of bicycle safety. The interviews are 5-10 minutes and I basically want to understand what are your problems and needs. I...