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    Have you ever used a bike radar?

    I almost got hit by a car while riding my bike! Have anyone ever used a bike radar? Apart from garmin varia being the first, which brand is the second? igpsport SR30? Bryton GARDIA R300L? Magene L508?

    How do you take your bike with you if you're riding cross-country across the region?

    Every year, cycling circles have thousands of bicycle enthusiasts cross-province or cross-country competition, but the transport of bicycles has always been a more difficult problem for cyclists, the market bike travel bags can not achieve the purpose of easy to carry and safe protection of the...
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    Bike cam, gps, cycle computer device

    Hi! I'm part of a team that's making a device that's a bike camera, gps, and a cycle computer all rolled into one that mounts your handlebars. It would sync with your smartphone for the routes and would also automatically load the footage from your ride on an app on your smartphone. It would...
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    Help! anything to say about opus belladonna 1.0??

    Hello there I've never written for advice on bikes before but I'm considering buying a 2012 Opus Belladonna 1.0 for $575 and haven't really found tons of information about the brand. I can see its from Montreal and have been around for about 10 years. Putting my feelers out there for anyone...
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    Potential bike product

    Helllo everyone! My team and I are looking to launch a new bike seat product. We would love your feedback and appreciate all constructive criticism. Thank you for your time!