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    How do you take your bike with you if you're riding cross-country across the region?

    Every year, cycling circles have thousands of bicycle enthusiasts cross-province or cross-country competition, but the transport of bicycles has always been a more difficult problem for cyclists, the market bike travel bags can not achieve the purpose of easy to carry and safe protection of the...

    What kind of bags are fitted to your bikes?

  3. John Carlo Monte

    Cateye cyclocomputers

    Good day guys! I have a Cateye Velo 7 and It Doesn't detect speed. I already checked the cable and magnet, It is properly placed in my bike tho. I even bought new batteries but it doesn't help. Please help... Thanks!
  4. J

    Anyone in cali need a new bike light?

    I happened across a bike light giveaway and I can't enter since I'm not a California resident. I thought I'd share with you guys in case someone here is a resident interested in taking a stab at winning. You can find the giveaway here...