bike ride

  1. Joe Johnson

    I love playing amongst the trees!

    So i'm clearly just a beginner on my mountain bike but i'm trying to push myself. I went out to some woods to ride and found this big bowl. At first i was scared to even roll in but after a while i did it and have never been so proud or had such fun! i think this might be for me. View...
  2. Joe Johnson

    Joe's ride against terror

    Me and hopefully some family members are going to do a 10 mile bike ride to raise money for the UK Solidarity fund that helps people who have suffered because of terror attacks in the UK. please support us it doesn't matter how small the amount just help us help others ! The ride will be video...
  3. Joe Johnson

    Share your cycling videos and where they were taken!

    I have been a fan of filming my rides for a while now and would love to see other peoples rides. im from stevenage in hertfordshire so thats where mine are. please share the videos and tell us where they are! here is mine View:
  4. A

    Bike rental advice

    Hey guys, I'm looking to rent a bicycle off Fat Lama for a bike ride next month, have seen loads up on there so not sure which to go for. Have seen a Dawes Giro 700, Raleigh Espirit, Apollo Feud and a Road Gint Defy 3 (there's more on there if you think these might not be the best options for...