bike tours

  1. Alex Jacobs

    France coast to coast

    Hi all, I'm a cyclist based in England. I'm organising a 1,000km ride across France in September 2017, from the English Channel to the Mediterranean coast. This is a fantastic route from the Northern to Southern coasts of France, and is entirely on quiet back-roads, through spectacular...
  2. gyorgyigabor

    World's hardest climb by bike: hilo (0 m)- mauna kea (4205 m): video & description

    Hello ! More than a month ago I cycled the World's hardest climb. I've written a description about it and embed my trailer video in the middle of the description (Sorry that the initials of Hilo and Mauna Kea are small :( ) Have pleasure it and thanks for watching ! :) Gábor Györgyi (...
  3. B

    Cycling in south korea

    Hello, I want to share with you some information about cycling in Korea as our country as probably one of the most modern bicycle infrastructure in the world. Indeed, for the past few years Korea has built brand new segregated bicycle facilities around the country. These bike paths are very...