1. A

    Have you ever used a bike radar?

    I almost got hit by a car while riding my bike! Have anyone ever used a bike radar? Apart from garmin varia being the first, which brand is the second? igpsport SR30? Bryton GARDIA R300L? Magene L508?

    How do you take your bike with you if you're riding cross-country across the region?

    Every year, cycling circles have thousands of bicycle enthusiasts cross-province or cross-country competition, but the transport of bicycles has always been a more difficult problem for cyclists, the market bike travel bags can not achieve the purpose of easy to carry and safe protection of the...
  3. Santic Cycling

    Is it cold where you are now?

    We're already cold here, and now we need to wear long pants for all our rides to avoid catching a cold after exercise without keeping warm.
  4. Santic Cycling

    Which brand of cycling Jerseys is the best cost-effectiveness?

    Which brand of cycling Jerseys is the best cost-effectiveness?I recently saw Santic doing activities, have bought friends, can tell me how the quality of their clothes? Is there a better price/performance ratio than it.
  5. E

    Cycling Survey Under 10 Mins, PLS HELP <3

    Please help me gain a better understanding of local cyclists’ behaviors and perceptions of cycling. Please take this anonymous survey! It should take less than 10 minutes and your feedback is greatly appreciated :)
  6. Santic Cycling

    Do You Remember How You Felt When You First Join The Event?

    I didn't place well in my first competition, but the experience greatly improved my courage.
  7. L

    An amazing e-bike like the transformer

    Hi guys, I just found a cool e bike named Afreda in indiegogo that can be folded in 1 second like the tansformer. The design is very unique and looks amazing. It is 3 wheel suspension structure. I am looking forward to taking it on my camping trip.
  8. S

    Documents required for a two wheeler loan?

    What are the documents required for a two-wheeler loan?
  9. S

    Interest rate for two wheeler loan?

    What is the bank interest rate for a two-wheeler loan?
  10. T

    Bicycle track in mountains

    For now I want to cycle on mountain or hill trails, it seems interesting. konveksi tas
  11. nidhi0

    What size road bike should i ride?

    I am 24 years and cycling for one hour daily . I want some guidance regarding the size of a road bike. Hoping for the suggestions.
  12. R

    Bike tube sizing assistance

    I am confused. I know they have sizing ranges for French/presta tubes but do not for other tubes. Why is that? Also, I ordered a bike tube that was advertised as 650 x 23c/26c. What I received was a 650 x 25c. It doesn’t state that it is compatible with sizing ranges. Will this work for my 650...
  13. J

    Where did your #bike take you this weekend?

  14. W

    A light with automatic turn signals!

    It's on Indiegogo. I know that I'm backing it!
  15. Henrywrites

    What is your greatest challenge as a rider?

    The greatest challenge that I have had as a biker rider is the presence of bike thieves in the neighborhood. They have even decided to be using some tools to break bike chains. What is the greatest challenge that you are having as a rider?
  16. R

    Bike tips

    Are there any bikes out there that has a slot or carrier for a gps tracker devices? I just overheard 2 cyclists talking about it and I'm planning to buy a bike next month? any suggestions?
  17. Kakashi

    Bike brands and models

    Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer that is recognized as the world's largest bicycle manufacturer.
  18. steve

    Ex engineer leaks how marketing works in the bike industry

    This is quite a funny ****-take, I'm sure nobody is surprised. :D View:
  19. S

    Los angeles bike ride

    What are the best places in Los Angeles for bike riding?
  20. Anto26

    What bike is this?

    Hi, I have this bike and I have no idea what model it is. I was wondering if anyone knows what it is. Thanks! Anto