1. jrdnbwmn

    Advice on new road bike purchase

    I’ve been riding a Cannondale hybrid (which was my first real purchase) and am ready to move on to a real road bike at this point. I’m looking for some advice on where to look. My budget is about $400. I realize this is very small, which makes it all the more important to know where to look. I...
  2. A

    Should i buy this bike

    Hey guys, I found this Grand Prix RS 5000 for cheap online and was wondering if it was a good buy. The bike does not come with a chain. It has a 5 speed shimano shifters, a year old kendra tires and the frame is in a okay shape with a but of rust. The handle bars are pretty rusty along with the...
  3. Pixie the Cat

    This bike vs that bike?

    For the past two years I've been riding a pimped up Vita Sport from Specialized. It's not a bad bike by any means, but it was designed as a flat bar hybrid - not for a speed freak like me. Having swapped out the flat bar for drops, I figured that this would deal with the problem of wind-drag...
  4. Destiny3614

    Buying bikes on craigslist

    Would you buy a bike I'm Craigslist? Why so or why not?