child rider

  1. T

    Wtb cnoc 20 or woom 4

    In search of a Cnoc 20" or Woom 4 for our son. If you are not in the area we are willing to negotiate shipping. Please let me know if you or anyone you know are interested in selling. Thank you!
  2. Corzhens

    Road cycling not for children below 16 years old

    I heard on the news yesterday that main roads in the metro will soon ban children from cycling due to safety concerns. I'm sure there will be lots of opposition to that because I have seen groups of cyclists passing our place with some young riders, mostly minors who are with their parents. With...
  3. Corzhens

    Child bikers banned in main roads

    There is an ordinance in some cities in Metro Manila banning child bikers in main road. This ordinance actually includes the banning of child riders in motorcycles. Child is defined as 10 years old. It may be a good ordinance but the problem is the implementation. How would the cops or traffic...