1. Nikhil Guda

    Marin muirwoods vs giant cross city 2 vs trek fx 2

    Hi, I'm a 26 year old, male, 172cm (5' 8"), 64kg (140lbs) who lives in Perth and looking to buy a good bicycle to roam around. I would like to use it to explore riverside roads, areas in city and suburbs. I would also like to hop it onto a train, get down in a station, which is after 30km, and...
  2. AryaSnark

    How to be more confident on the street

    I'm going to finally move to Gliwice, the city where I'm working now, and since I'm going to rent an apartment 8 kilometers (Uncle Google says it's 4,97 miles ;)), I'd like to ride my bike instead of taking the bus. Bus service is unreliable and getting more and more expensive every year here...
  3. mayasupernova

    City vs. countryside Cycling?

    If I have to make a choice whether to cycle in the city, with all the commotion, people, cars, paying attention to every single thing I pass on my way, plus probably getting anxious and nervous due to all that, or else just cycle in nature, in the countryside, I would always choose the latter...