1. pneumadeux

    Seeking: New home base west of Denver, CO

    Dear Colorado roadies (and former Colorado roadies...) I'm currently contemplating a move to Colorado, and I'm looking for recommendations for a new home town that ticks a few boxes. Hoping for some good feedback here: • West of Denver • Despite the growing threat of wildfires, am seeking a...
  2. B

    Training indoors

    I just got into cycling outdoors last summer, with more consistently this past summer. I was gifted a NordicTrack GX 4.7 recumbant exercise bike this fall and have been using some of the preset workouts in it with distance and increasing the resistances ( I believe it maxes out at 22). I would...
  3. B

    Lightheaded when resting but not when riding

    I have been riding regularly for the past 9 years. Annually, I participate in a long climbing tour like the Iron Horse or the Copper Triangle (50+miles~6kft of climbing). I look at them as opportunities to get in shape. In the last few years I have had lightheaded issues, typically occurring...